Commonsense versus clueless claims on Donald Trump re. US Constitution

Rarely do I bother glancing at Google’s newsfeed upon booting up my phone but a few days ago I spotted a stupid headline in the UK’s strongly anti-Trump Guardian along the lines of his declaring he wants the US Constitution abolished. Anyone familiar with the President’s movement to return America to its greatness knows the importance of its origins as a constitutional republic and complexities thereof, compared with our British way of government.

However, I cannot locate it now so maybe they put it where it belongs – in the bin! Then yesterday I spotted this sensible remark on Facebook by Brenda Grelock, and have her  blessing for republishing (emphases mine):

“I really hate posting political stuff but this has me so enraged so I posted. For the record I’d rather talk about Jesus.

Rolling Stones had an article stating, ‘Trump Demands America Rip Up the Constitution and make him President.’

Here is the truthFormer President Donald Trump on Monday attempted to clarify his call for suspending parts of the U.S. Constitution or the “termination” of rules and regulations to allow himself to return to the White House, after drawing rebuke from other Republicans.

Initially, Trump said on his Truth Social platform on Saturday that the role of social media companies limiting and removing misinformation and content that violated its policies in 2020 “allows for the termination of all rules, regulations, and articles, even those found in the Constitution.”

In his newest post, Trump indicated he didn’t say he wanted to terminate the Constitution, stating Monday that “steps must be immediately taken to RIGHT THE WRONG,” referring to what he describes as widespread fraud and deception involving “Big Tech” — of which he provided no evidence — in the 2020 election. Funny how they take a little piece of this and a little piece of that, spread lies to try to discredit President Trump. Most people know there is widespread fraud in our government and no proof has come forth yet, but God is going to put Trump back in office so get over it and stop listening to the half-truths from the media.

And if you hate Trump please keep that to yourself, I really don’t want to hear it anymore than you want me to list all the things wrong with little joe.”

So, let’s take a look at better reporting in a recent digital edition of The Telegraph:

NOTE WELL: reference to clown Clapper and 50 intel chiefs involved in what’s now known as the infamous Russia-gate collusion hoax!  (See in-depth )

In the next post we’ll consider this issue a little further…

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