At midnight Seasons are Shifting more than usual for Autumn Equinox – Christopher Wickland

NB: the ‘coincidental’ numerical values of date and time of this Autumn Equinox in the UK is Friday 23rd September at 02:03 hours and occurs at the same moment worldwide as the sun crosses the celestial equator!

This prophetic message was brought on 31st of July by Christopher Wickland to Living Church Network, Hampshire. His explanation of the tidal flow of time is similar to my showing its mathematical sine wave, as in my blog’s The Nature of Time.

Readers may recall the very powerful prophecy that Christopher was given just before satan almost took his life, as linked at foot of this post. For reference, I’m extracting the prophecy as a prelude to the full long-read, lovingly transcribed by his wife Tracey onto Facebook. I’ve not removed its frequent multi-lines of formatting code but have inserted sub-heads::

“I felt the Spirit say…. (this is predictive and I’ve been used by God to do predictive prophecy before. God used me in 2007 to predict the exact day of the stock market crash 3 months before it happened.). And in this I felt the Spirit (says) that literally on midnight of the first day of autumn of this year the clock will change into the next hour. It’s not going by an Israeli system or an Israeli clock or calendar but by the British clock and the British calendar because God has a plan for Britain that is specific for Britain.
And on that moment and on that hour when we suddenly hit autumn at midnight of that night, the new season has shifted and we now walk in the beginning of that new season….”


‘We are going to start with this scripture from Joshua Chapter 1:1-3.

‘After the death of Moses, the servant of the Lord, the Lord spoke to Joshua, the son of Nun, Moses’ assistant saying ‘Moses my servant is dead, now proceed to cross the Jordan you and all these people into the land that I am giving to them the Israelites, every place that the sole of your foot treads upon I have given you as to Moses.’
Now we read those words just very matter of fact; He woke up one day. Moses is dead. Joshua gets a word from God. Moses is dead. I want you now to take on Moses’ mantle – and we just read that casually.. But I just want you to think about that for a second. Moses was probably, up until Jesus, the greatest prophet that ever lived. There was no-one who had done those kinds of signs and wonders. Never in the past. Not Abraham. Nobody. Even by today’s standards he ranks pretty high up there. Right? And then the day comes that he has died and with that comes the end of an era. The end of a generation. The end of something everyone had grown up comfortable with.
Moses was this great kind of pastor over the people. But Joshua was a different kind of leader. He was a soldier. He was the one normally fighting the battles. When Moses was on the hill holding his arms up and he had his brother and another guy holding his arms up. It was Joshua down on the ground fighting. So Joshua was a man of war and it was Joshua who was raised up by God and called to send the people over the Jordan and into all the land that he was giving to them. Joshua’s job was to get the Old Testament ‘church’ out of the wilderness and finally into the land of Israel or the land of promise.
This week God has been showing me a vision of a big clock. A giant clock. And you’ve got those cogs and things turning around. And we’ve been in various different seasons of the church over the last 100 years or so. But what I felt God saying was that the clock is about to change and we are now just on the threshold of the next hour. And when this big cog turns then the link pin thing clicks in place and then the hour hand clicks in place and we are now about to come into a new hour, a new season.
Moses my servant is dead. The old ways of doing stuff is soon about to become utterly obsolete in ways that are shocking in the things of the world. You are going to see in parallel here what goes on in the church and what’s going on in the world and what’s going on in the world with what goes on in the church because judgement starts with the House of the Lord. Does it not say that? So there are things that are coming to the house of the Lord that are going to be mirrored with things that are going on in the world. And some of the things that are going to happen in the world like for the Israelites to wake up and find that Moses is dead and this whole new… well that’s all we’ve ever known and where are we going now? And Joshua? He’s alright. He’s a good guy. Where are we going with him? He’s not done all these signs and wonders. And so people are going to wake up very soon to a world where the old system is over. And the clock is just about to tick.
And I felt the Spirit say…. (Again this is predictive and I’ve been used by God to do predictive prophecy before. God used me in 2007 to predict the exact day of the stock market crash 3 months before it happened.). And in this I felt the Spirit was saying that literally on midnight of the first day of autumn of this year the clock will change into the next hour. It’s not going by an Israeli system or an Israeli clock or calendar but by the British clock and the British calendar because God has a plan for Britain that is specific for Britain.
And on that moment and on that hour when we suddenly hit autumn at midnight of that night, the new season has shifted and we now walk in the beginning of that new season. When you come out of one season into another one, the effects aren’t immediately obvious are they? So when you go from Spring into Summer, you don’t just wake up one day and say ‘Wow, thank goodness all that rain is over now and it’s Summer. Here we go. Get all the kit off and go down the beach.’ It’s not like that. There’s a phase. But something has changed and nature reflects that. So what we are going to see now is trees that are slowly going to start losing their leaves. What you are going to see in the things of the world, you’re going to see the systems of this world starting to fail. And you’re going to see some incredulous things in these days.
There is going to come things that really shock the church. The Spirit said to me a little while back that there’s something coming that is going to make the church reel and stagger with shock and what’s coming is that you are going to see a lot of the church in the next two years, a lot of the established churches or great denominations are going to vanish. Just simply going to vanish. Why is this? Because as Moses said to Pharaoh ‘Let my people go.’ But the problem is, as the people, the Israelites, they left Egypt, the problem is, even after the complete destruction of Egypt. Because it says that God made a public spectacle of the Egyptian gods. He devastated the economy of that land, he devastated the military of that land. He devastated the religion of that land. God devastated it. And the Israelites are in the wilderness who still have Egypt in their heart. And they are like ‘If only we could get back to where we were.’ Do you want to know why they were crying and groping and groaning about that? Because life was tough. When you go into the wilderness. Life is tough. And life for the church is going to get tough because of the things we are coming into.
This new season is a wonderful season but with it will come change and much consternation and you are going to see some things that are going to happen to this nation economically that are just going to leave most Christians reeling and staggering in shock. But this is a message of hope. This isn’t a message of doom and gloom. God is going to do some great stuff and I’m going to get to that in a minute but God wants to make it very clear to people that things are going to drastically change. From autumn this year, the season has changed. Everything will change. This is a complete new paradigm both for the church and for the world.
And I just want to say now because the leaves of the trees will start to wither and fall off – I declare to Stonewall in the name of Jesus – you are coming down. There are already fissures in your brickwork, already cracks taking place and I declare to you right now and I prophesy, in the name of Jesus, that you Stonewall are coming down and you will be ground to powder and you will never ever rise again. In fact, the name or even the mention of your name will be forgotten and you will never rise again and God says you have placed yourself in positions of power in government where I never sent you and you were never elected. You are a coup d’etat and you are coming down. Your days are numbered and as the season changes as it will do from midnight when we come into autumn of this year Stonewall and the beginning of the demise of that wall will begin and she will be gone forever.
With it will come the end of liberalism, hyper liberalism. Hyper liberalism will come to a close because it is the malaise of an affluent society looking for a righteous cause that it can’t find because it’s too fat and affluent and it’s become deceived in its own way and it’s gone, not God’s way, but her own ways. The agenda of the highly liberal left will collapse and fall in these days . The economical systems of our land are going to fall in these days. The government of our land is going to fall in these days.
But as God tears away the veil of lasciviousness from this nation, this nation will start to turn back to her God again. This nation will start looking to Jesus again. And it will be in these days and this hour that the church needs to be ready. But the problem is with the church that she has too much Egypt inside of her. Every one in this room, we have Egypt inside of us. It’s in our hearts. I don’t care how radical you think you are for Christ.
You have Egypt in your heart. And it’s like a tapeworm and God is going to have to take that tapeworm out. Some of its going to be big and gross and some of its going to be little slithers here and there. But we all have Egypt in our hearts and God is going to remove it from our hearts because God is looking for a pure church in these days. And because much of the church (this is not me judging the church, this is just a fact) because much of the church has built her systems on the systems of Egypt, when God pulls the people out of Egypt and those Egyptian systems are pulled free from the church, many churches will collapse in that hour. This is not Gods heart. This is not Gods will and I felt the spirit also say this morning ‘Don’t ever rejoice over the downfall of your brothers and sisters in those organisations and those churches. It’s not something you should rejoice at. It’s something we should grieve for because they made mistakes. We all make mistakes. There was too much Egypt in their systems. There was too much Egypt in their hearts and once Egypt was pulled, because God is saying ‘Let my people go’.
Do you think everybody in Egypt wanted to go? I mean it was a mighty inconvenience. All of those people being told by God, however many there was, they reckon about 1.2, to 2.2 million. It was a lot of people. Being told to get out and start moving into their promised land. God tested the saints when they came out of Egypt. They were brought into the wilderness and He tested them. To see what was in their hearts.
We have had a mini test through covid where God squeezed our hearts a little bit to see what was in there. To see how much the body of Christ would really compromise when the pressure was on. And the curtains were pulled wide and the veil of our hearts were laid bare. It was frightening to see people’s hearts exposed like that. The people who came to church maybe half of the year, were not really into church, because it was never really a thing. When covid came the excuse that, I don’t have to go anymore because really in their heart of hearts they didn’t value the importance of church and the community of believers, so for them it was a good excuse to opt out and never come back. And that was just a little thing.
When God took the Israelites into the wilderness He deliberately tested them. He gave them days where they didn’t eat and He gave them days where they couldn’t drink. And what did they do? This huge column of smoke by day and a huge pillar of fire by night. The Holy Spirit was with them, they could see His presence, they could feel His glory, they saw the miracles. They saw the signs and the wonders and yet they still grumbled at the leaders and they still grumbled at God and God tested them in that place. This is a time church where we can’t afford to get it wrong because there is a shaking that is now coming.
You see all that can be shaken will be shaken. ‘But I’m a Christian. I’m of a kingdom that can’t be shaken.’ Yes! But how much of the kingdom is in you verses the kingdom of the world? And the more of the world that is in you, the more you are going to be shaken. And so in this hour God is calling His church and saying ‘Now is the time my beautiful church, now is the time to rise. Now is not the time to cower and be afraid but to rise up, to be strong and to be victorious. For the Lord your God is with you. I am behind you, I am above you, I am beneath you and I go ahead of you and I go to lead you into the promised land. The promised land of revival which has been prophesied over this nation for so long.
And the glory of my Spirit will go ahead of you as it did with the Old Testament ‘church’ but we cannot afford in these days to gripe and groan and complain. This will be a time where people trying to undermine church leaders and things like that will not be tolerated because the move of the Spirit is going to be so strong. And now this is a warning to leaders as well because they don’t just get an easy ride here. The Spirit has things to say to church leaders in this moment as well. When God was moving in the Book of Acts there was a beautiful revival going on there and people were selling their property and giving it to the apostles so that it could be distributed to help everyone. And we had Ananias and Sapphire who willingly lied in the midst of a move of God. And the Holy Spirit is really saying that in this new move of the Spirit there will be no tolerance of this kind of behaviour. God is a good God and he loves you but the move that is coming is going to be so precious and so powerful that he can’t afford people to undermine His work. There will be no tolerance for leaders that try to control it and manipulate it and call it their own work. This will be a place for humility.
God is calling His church into a new season. This season – God gave me this vision years ago. I know I’ve shared this many times. It was a waking dream vision. And I saw in front of me this big canvas. Like a big graph and it has these dates, these years but they were fudged out and I couldn’t see them clearly and I saw this kind of curve and it got bigger and bigger and it shot right up to the top and it was known when it hit the top as ‘The Golden Age of the Church.’ That curve was the incremental increase of God’s glory on the earth from a certain moment in time. That move is now about to come about. Again Autumn is the key to this new season that we are coming into but it will be a season of great shaking and shifting.
You see there are two winds that are blowing. First comes the wind of holiness, them comes the wind of power. And if you don’t turn into the wind of holiness you can have no part in the wind of power. God wants to bring power back to his church again. God wants there to be signs and wonders. And we are going to see it exponentially in the days coming ahead but we must turn into that first wind. And that first wind is not comfortable. No one wants to know how much of a sinner they are. No one wants to talk about it. Churches won’t even talk about sin any more because it’s just not politically correct. It’s more about getting the numbers in. We don’t want people going away feeling bad about themselves. We just want big churches because that’s what success is today. Sin is a problem to a holy God and God is going to come and start dealing with things in our lives. He is going to start dealing with motivations. And it’s going to get mightily uncomfortable.
Isaiah in Isaiah Chapter 6 – he was stood right in front of the presence of God and what could he say? He falls to his knees and he says, ‘Woe is me for I am a man undone. I am a man of unclean lips.’ The holiness of God is coming back to His church and it’s going to purify His church and His church is going to be beautiful. It’s going to be a beautiful, beautiful church. It it’s not going to be a church like you think it might be. It’s not going to be a church you might even expect or hope it to be. It’s going to be a very different church. God said to me a long time ago that He is going to blend the Spirit and the word together and He is going to blend the ancient and the modern. Ancient church blended with the modern. Have you any idea what that would look like? A lot of charismatics would say ‘I’m not getting involved with that. We don’t do that kind of stuff.’ But God is going to do something outlandish.
And there will be no more time in the future for you to get upset because ‘they’re catholic or they’re orthodox or they’re Church of England and all of that nonsense. In the days we are coming into, that kind of division God is not going to be happy with. God wants his church to be one and he wants you to love your brothers and sisters. Because they think you’re wrong just as much as you think they are wrong. I can see you thinking, ‘But I’m not wrong am I? I couldn’t possibly be’. We’ve got to get over ourselves. The Spirit is going to do some wonderful things. And we are going to see a tremendous revival that is soon to be outpoured.
And here’s a message for church leaders. God would say to you – the growth is going to be beyond anything you’ve ever experienced or anything you could ever dream to cope with. Because two thirds of the church are going to cease to exist soon, the greater pressure is upon that one third left in the UK to cope with that kind of growth. Don’t you dare turn people away. Don’t you dare say ‘This is enough. I’m not doing any more I’m at capacity.’ because the spirit of the Lord would say do not think that otherwise I will find someone who can cope. God is looking for leaders that have some gumption, that have some spirit to them. That have some fire. People that will seek Gods face. People who will pray. People who are not lukewarm or half hearted but people who are on fire for Jesus and will say ‘Jesus whatever it is that you want me to do ‘Here I am send me.’’
And ‘If Lord Jesus you want to send 10,000 people in through that church door then yes I’ll probably have a panic attack but Jesus we will get it done somehow. You will give us the wisdom.’ How do you think the apostles felt? They had a nice little cosy prayer meeting – 120 in the upper room. This is a good little church we’ve got going on here. We’ve got some good numbers and then suddenly the Holy Spirit breaks out and they go from 120 to 3000 people and then we know a few weeks later it then says 5000 men got saved let alone women and children. ‘I don’t do mega church’. Well good for you but Jesus did in Jerusalem. It’s like that church just exploded. You don’t hear of anything. You only hear the rumbles and rumours about how certain widows weren’t fed correctly. I think they did a pretty good job. 12 leaders in a church of goodness knows how many thousands and then it spread and it spread and it spread. God wants to get Egypt out of His people. God is saying ‘Let my people go.’
The institutions of man are going to come down. Lots of things will just come down in these days. But God wants you to be encouraged. He doesn’t want his people to be in fear. He doesn’t want his people to be in consternation. God showed me this dream once. It was this kraken. It was this huge octopus thing and it was so disgusting to look at. It made me feel violently ill looking at it. It had these eight tentacles and it was symbolic of the perfect storm that hit us. It was economic, it was every single thing all coming at one time. And when I looked at this thing I was terrified. The fear inside of me, it was just tangible fear. And the Spirit of God said ‘Why are you afraid of that?’ ‘Well can’t you see what it’s doing, it’s ripping our nation apart, literally killing people.’ and God said ‘Why are you afraid of it?’ We are not supposed to be frightened. It’s a commandment in the scripture ‘Do not be afraid.’ It’s not an optional extra. It’s a commandment. God wants us to be brave in the days ahead. Yes there will be much consternation. Yes there will be much sadness as we see many large churches disappear over the next couple of years but God is wanting to move through his people.
God is wanting to do a new thing. And the Spirit of God is coming brothers and sisters. It will be unlike anything else you’ve seen. But it’s going to last for a window of time. It will only be for about 20 years. We will hit the golden age of the church where churches will literally meet in football stadiums because football stadiums will be desperate to sell their football stadiums because they won’t be able to use it for anything else because there will be no money to play football like they used to. The church will take back those cultural icons and turn it into something that glorifies God instead of glorifies man. You are going to see the landscape of Britain change.
Now over the next couple of years as the church changes on this topography of shifting sand and you see many churches disappear you will see a resurgence of home churches and house churches. Now there will be many churches that will still stand in these days and they will do well but there will be many who will have to become house churches to keep Christianity going forward whilst there is such a dearth of Christendom throughout the UK. But in time the problem will be those house groups are going to keep growing and growing and growing. “We’re going to go underground.” (Says the people who want to do underground church) Good for you. That can only last for a little while until you start getting noticed and you will come back up above ground and house churches will have to become bigger churches and regular churches with leadership to help it function. Help it to do well.
Something else I felt the Spirit say this morning as well is that, now this might sound rich coming from me a leader, but I was once not a leader and I know how you feel about what I am about to say but God was showing me through the book of Numbers when there was great grumbling against leadership and there was people thinking ‘Well actually I think I should do this job.’ All those people, the sons of Korah, who came before Moses and said ‘We’re fed up with you leading this lot, telling us what to do, prophesying this and giving us the law and only you guys can serve as priests. We can serve as priests as well. Why can’t we all do it?’ So they got before the Lord and Moses came before the Lord and they had this big meeting and God said Ok sons of Korah get your lavers out so that you can offer a priestly offering to the Lord. And then fire came out from the holy place and completely (fire noises)(burned them up) and then after this there was another rebellion and the ground literally opened up.
Because what God is going to do is so holy in these days, there will be no toleration any more. God is not going to tolerate churches being pulled down by Jezebels. God will not tolerate those people any more. In the book of Revelation it talks about Jezebel doesn’t it? Jesus says I’m going to put her on a bed of sickness if she doesn’t repent. She will die. We are moving into a time….. you might think this isn’t very full of grace. This isn’t the Jesus I know. Actually this is the Jesus you know. And when God is moving in power, remarkable things happen. The Holy Spirit will not be mocked in these days we are coming into. It’s a precious move of God.
Now what’s going to happen to the politics of our land? The land of Great Britain is going to look very different. The politics of a conservative, a labour, a liberal are going to be meaningless very soon. God is going to raise up a different government. People are getting tired of the same old same old and the Spirit of God is tired of the same old same old and the heinous laws that have been passed over this land that have profaned this land with its filth. There have been things that have taken away the innocence of our children in schools and this will all stop. Technology has pushed things too far and this too will stop. It will not be permitted to go where some think it will go. And this government as it stands will not last. Parliament as we know it will collapse on itself and she will not last. But from chaos and from that rubble will come a new parliament. One that’s not about popularity contests. One that’s not about how awesome I am but one that’s based on the rule of law. It will not necessarily be a Christian government but there will be many righteous people in it. The people that run it will be people of principle. They will be putting the needs of the Country first not the needs of their own political career first.
But again this is only for a season. A window and this is the message that God wants to say to his church and his church leaders. You have 20 years. You have 20 years opportunity to build this church bigger than anything you could ever dream or imagine. The Spirit of God is going before His people as a pilar of smoke by day and as a pillar of fire by night and we are going to follow Him out and He is going to lead us into new territory and He is going to lead us into new places. For the Israelites when they came out Egypt they’d never experienced this form of God before, they had no revelation of this kind of God before. They received the Torah at Mount Sinai. They’d never received anything like that before. They’d never seen anything like that. And it’s the same with the church and where she’s going. There will be things that you have never seen before. Now God won’t change the Word of God – that is unalterable – but there will be things and experiences that you have never seen and you have never experienced that you’re going to be coming into.
And God wants His Bride ready. God wants his people equipped because saints – we are at war. There is a war going on right now. We are the church militant and we have a battle to contend with. We have an enemy to take down. We don’t wrestle against flesh and blood but against powers and principalities and rulers and dominions in heavenly places and our job is to start taking the kingdom again back out to the world. But not with words and not with apologetics and not with the cleverness and wisdom of man but with the power. Because the gospel is the power of God unto salvation to those that believe. You’re going to see evangelists rise up again in this land. You’re going to see tent crusades spreading the whole of the UK like they did back in the 40s and 50s and the 60s. You are going to see a revival and a resurgence of the evangelists again in this land. You are going to see a resurgence of Joseph’s in this land. People who are appointed by God for this moment, for this hour to help the church through the most difficult time of modern times.
There is a financial famine and a spiritual famine. God is going to raise us those Joseph’s to help lead the church at this time. God is going to raise up beautiful pastors who will lead his people. God is going to raise up great bible teachers in this day as well and God is going to raise up church fathers in this day. For the generation of church fathers are almost gone. Our previous generation are dying away. We have not many left but God is going to raise up some new people. Some greats. Hallelujah.
I feel the Spirit also says that people say ‘In this revival there will be no leaders, there will be no superstars.’ You’re right there won’t be any superstars as you understand it per se but there will be great men and women of God and they will be used by God to lead his people because God is immutable. That’s how he has always done it and he isn’t going to change because it’s a manifestation of kingdom on the earth. It’s a manifestation of the kingdom in the heavens. God the Father, through His Son, via the Spirit, down through the angelic host, down on to the earth. There is order. There is principal. There is leadership. There is governance in His church. In heaven and on earth. Hallelujah. You’re going to see Catholic, Protestant, Orthodox rubbing shoulders, standing shoulder to shoulder in solidarity, in love for one another, not picking holes in one another. There is coming a unison of the Spirit that will surpass any theology, that will surpass any of our natural knowledge that you would like to argue about. Those things will not matter in the days ahead because He who is with you, is not against you. And your God is for you and He is not against you.
The time clock is now on the cusp and everything is about to change. When you see war break out further in Europe and when you see stock markets start to shake and tremble and fall do not be dismayed for the Lord would say to you ‘Hold up your head high because you now know that unless this happens God’s revival cannot come to this land.’ Unless this land is shaken to its core and the people humbled then they will never turn to the Living God. And some people will question the Living God and say, ‘Why, why would you let this happen? It’s a cruel and mean thing.’ ‘ No it’s the best thing I could ever do.’ I believe the Lord is saying for this nation otherwise they would never turn to Me and they would never be saved and they would never know the truth and the power and glory of my gospel and the beauty of my son and the power of the Spirit of God.
Sadly there are many in the church that don’t want to see these days either. But there are those that do and there’s a line that just been crossed today and God is looking for an army. But of course it’s going to be Gideon’s army. It’s not going to be a big army. It’s going to be a small army. Because God wants to use the despised and shameful things of this world to shame the wise.
There are new leaders that are coming to the fore. You are going to see batons passed from leaders of old to new leaders. You are going to see household leaders of Christendom vanish and new ones emerge but the message that is going to be given in these times is a controversial message. Why? Back in the days when America was being founded a lot of preachers they rode out and part of their messages was to tell the people who were British in America to come out of British rule and let America become a sovereign state in her own right. That was a radical message in its day and there’s going to be a radical message given in this day which may seem divisive but actually it’s not. It’s the sound that needs to be heard for the hour which we are about to come into because it’s a relevant prophetic message. Just as those preachers back in the time were giving a relevant prophetic message that America needed to become a sovereign nation under God and not come under British rule. And so there is a message coming out of the church that will come out in these days that will seem radical and offensive to many but it is a message of reconciliation and it’s a message that is saying – the old wineskin doesn’t work any more. Put it down. Throw it away. The old ways are over. It’s time for a new season. A fresh anointing. A fresh move of God’s Holy Spirit. To do things in ways we’ve never done it before. To go places we’ve never gone before.
God wants His people to be strong in this day. And the spirit of God is saying ‘Who is going to be in Gideon’s army?’ ‘Who is going to put their hand up and say, ‘Yes. Here I am send me.?’ and God would say the best requirements for you is this….. Some may say I can’t do it because I’m too old. You’re hired. Some might say I can’t do it because I’m too young. You’re hired. Some might say I’ve got too many personal issues. Great. Come on board. Some might say, ‘I’ve lived a terrible life, God how could you ever use someone like me?’ and the Spirit of God would say, ‘We did it through David and he had all of those cantankerous men that came to him and we turned them into mighty men of God. So you’re hired. Come.’

But people who say, ‘Hire me Lord. I really know my theology.’ ‘Jesus without me you just aren’t gonna go nowhere.’ ‘Jesus you need me because I’m a great musician.’ ‘Jesus you need me because I’m so awesome. I’m such a great church leader.’ No! Those that lap the water with their tongue. The weirdos. Come over here and God is going to raise a generation of ragtag, weirdos strange people that God is going to turn like David’s mighty men. People that literally changed history!”

Was pastor’s fatal heart attack to prevent God’s warning to Britain and apostate church? (GPS #47.3)

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11 thoughts on “At midnight Seasons are Shifting more than usual for Autumn Equinox – Christopher Wickland

  1. Richard do you recall my dream from 2010?
    Let me share a dream I had. In the dream, I saw a wooden coffin and inside the coffin, I saw a church with 2 very large pillars outside. also saw the lid of the coffin resting on the knuckles of 2 hands and the hands in turn were resting on the coffin like one would do just
    before nailing it shut. So, as you can imagine, there was very little light left in the coffin because of the lid of the coffin being almost on the coffin. Getting back to the church I saw inside the coffin, I saw thousands of people coming out of the church and jumping out of the coffin as fast as they could. However, there were 2 groups of people who refused to leave,
    in fact; they had their fists held in the air. These 2 groups were standing by the 2 very large pillars I had seen earlier in my dream. These pillars had names. The name of the first pillar was religion and the name of the second pillar was politics.

    The interpretation of the dream was given by a pastorand is as follows:

    A coffin is what you bury the dead in. The coffin in your dream is
    religious tradition holding the church (the people in the church) in
    captivity from following Jesus. The two large pillars outside are the
    gods of the church. The hands belonging to the knuckles in which the
    lid of the coffin rested on were the hands of the Lord holding theI lid
    from closing all the way till those who were going to leave this
    traditional church made it out.
    The hands which were resting on the coffin like they were about to
    shut it was the hands of the spirit of anti christ who was shutting
    out the light through lies and deception. This will be a time as the
    parrabel in Matt 25 of the kingdom of heaven shall be likened to ten
    The foolish virgins will be those remaining in the coffin and refusing
    to repent from their gods of religious politics and accept the life of
    Christ. Those coming out of the coffin are those who recognize the end
    is here and they came out from among them as God said to do in 2 Cor.
    6:14-18. The door is about to shut and be sealed.

    Some additional things the Lord showed me John 5:25 NIV84

    25 I tell you the truth, a time is coming and has now come when the dead will hear the voice of the Son of God and those who hear will live.

    Those who hear are the ones coming out of the casket.
    The people who standing by the pillars refusing to leave are the ones of whom Jesus says that they are trying to kill Him because there is no room in their hearts for His word. Which is why they did not leave the church in the coffin and why they will try to kill any move of God that would cause people to want to leave the coffin. They prefer the darkness of the coffin where their deeds go unexposed John 3:19-21 NKJV

    And this is the condemnation, that the light has come into the world, and men loved darkness rather than light, because their deeds were evil. For everyone practicing evil hates the light and does not come to the light, lest his deeds should be exposed. But he who does the truth comes to the light, that his deeds may be clearly seen, that they have been done in God.


  2. And this one from 2020
    I’ve seen this vision for a while now so I am going to post it. Imagine, if you will, a church building that had been destroyed and this will show what I saw in the vision. The church lay in ruins, no roof overhead, walls crumbled, but some pews remained intact. I saw people there and at first glance one would want to commend them for their faithfulness. However, what i saw next changed my perspective. I saw a cloud moving away from the destroyed church building. There were a few, and let me reemphasize, a few saw the cloud and left while the majority stayed in the destroyed church building, I saw nothing else around, i.e., new church buildings. It was just the people who had chosen to follow the cloud wherever it was leading. The Israelites followed the cloud. When it moved, they moved. When it rested, they rested. Like the church building in my vision those refusing to follow the cloud would be left basically in the desert to fend for themselves. Following the cloud is imperative in these last days as we are headed into uncharted territory. Those in the destroyed church building, although the cloud was no longer there, stayed because it was a place they were familiar with. The cloud represents a walk of faith, a giving up the familiar and yielding to the unfamiliar. To not follow the cloud, is to be in rebellion, face famine of hearing God’s Word, His presence.

    This vision started when I heard the Lord speak to my spirit saying the cloud is moving.

    Num 9:15 — Num 9:18

    The Cloud and the Fire
    (Ex. 13:21, 22; 40:34–38)
    Now on the day that the tabernacle was raised up, the cloud covered the tabernacle, the tent of the Testimony; from evening until morning it was above the tabernacle like the appearance of fire. So it was always: the cloud covered it by day, and the appearance of fire by night. Whenever the cloud was taken up from above the tabernacle, after that the children of Israel would journey; and in the place where the cloud settled, there the children of Israel would pitch their tents. At the command of the LORD the children of Israel would journey, and at the command of the LORD they would camp; as long as the cloud stayed above the tabernacle they remained encamped.

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    • In fact, the war is heating up all the time. New migrant troupes keep flooding into Middle and Western Europe; soon Ukrainians will come ( I was told this in January 2020) and I assume then the Russians . The Lord will use them to clean the land. Then we will start again from scratch bringing heaven down on Earth. Amen.


  3. Something’s definitely shifting in Nova Scotia as we batten down the hatches in preparation for Hurricane Fiona, and I hear the Lord speak to me to line up my intercession for His Kingdom manifesting in Canada, with what He’s doing in Britain. Suddenly we’ve gone from 28 degree Celsius beach weather to changing leaves, autumn colours, and potentially the biggest storm to hit Nova Scotia in memory as a category 2 Hurricane. The name Fiona comes either from the Gaelic word for ‘white, or fair’; or an Anglicisation of the Irish word for ‘vine.’ It points me back to my experiences at the Truro Vineyard fellowship in Nova Scotia where He gave me a vision of an open heaven and His right arm extended across an azure sky. Twelve years later I traveled to the UK and upon return, felt the Holy One of Israel was with me who walks on pavement like sapphire. It speaks of interceding for Canada from His Kingdom manifesting in both Britain and Israel simultaneously. We are having a huge shift as Canada’s Maggie Baratto travels to Israel to lead a time of decreeing the Kingdom of God manifesting in Canada to push back the powers of lawlessness and stand for a triumphant Church to overcome the gates of hades. All for His glory, amen.

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  4. I don’t know if you remember Richard (there’s no particular reason why you should) I mentioned in a comment to another post some months ago that I had a sort of a ‘Word from the Lord’ at the beginning of this year, saying that 2022 would be the year when the revival thing would finally kick off in some way – though I wasn’t sure whether it was simply in my life, or in a wider sense. What I also felt at the time was that it wouldn’t be till late in the year, and in particular I had the impression that it wouldn’t be till September or October – much to my impatience!
    I am generally sceptical of my own feelings around timings, as I have been wrong in the past, but it is nice to see someone else appearing to get a similar message.


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