Review of prophetic words on month of Awe-Gust

After our alarm clock rang on Bank Holiday Monday morning I recalled suggesting subscribers on my Telegram review over the weekend prophetic words referring to this month.  Then I realised prophets on opposite sides of ‘the Pond’ have brought words on the Lord making governmental changes, and so this applies not only to the UK but also and clearly for the USA.

Here, the Tory party is voting for a new leader to replace Boris Johnson as Prime Minister following his resignation and the winner will be announced on Monday 5th September. Also this week over in America Donald Trump is calling for November 2020 election to be rescinded in view of the then FBI malfeasance with Facebook’s CEO.

First, however, let’s read  weigh and pray…


Next, what journalists once regarded as ‘silly news’ season we may each recall many solidly true, not fake MMM (Mendacious Mainstream Media), stories relating to those words; especially the DoJ/FBI raid on Mar-a-Lago but in particular this…


Lastly, never forget Zberg’s dozen long-time China connections and use of CCP ‘Fact-checkers’ as listed by Peter Navarro herein >

Social media’s closing Christian comment, banning free-speech to demolish democracy is marxist conspiracy


7 thoughts on “Review of prophetic words on month of Awe-Gust

  1. Richard,
    I can hardly write this I am full of awe. It’s srill 31 August 2022 in UK, but it’s the first of September in NZ.
    Regarding VW”S prophecy July 15 2021,on significance on the month of August I had an Article on a site in N.Z. Called BFD who also put it on Facebook on the 17 June 2021. This is a month before VW’s prophecy which in no way undermines VW but shows God has got GPS going.
    The article was called “Is Trump the New Emperor Augustus.”
    Emperor Augustus whose name was Octavian and nephew to Julius Caesar changed changed the month of Sextilius to August because his greatest victories were in August. He also died in August.
    Praise the I AM.

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        • Alex: You have some excellent insights on the month of August and on Emperor Augustus.

          The great event of August was the FBI Raid on Mar-a-Lago or the FBI BLUNDER at Mar-a-Lago or the Great Trap of the FBI by President Trump at Mar-a-Lago. When the Lord wants to humiliate someone or some organization for the whole world to see, He does an outstanding job: the FBI look like fools, the DOJ look like fools, Brain Dead, the fake president always looks like a fool. Haman looked like an absolute fool when he was hanging from his own gallows in the Book of Esther.

          Some confirmation on what you said about President Trump: I was listening to an interview between David Nino Rodriguez and Delora OBrien a few months ago. They both agreed that Donald Trump is not merely the President of the United States, but President of the World. President Trump runs the U.S. Military: he is expanding GITMO in Cuba; he has access to military satellites; to me, he has more power and influence in the world NOW than when he was in the White House.

          “America is likely ruled by the military loyal to Trump in this moment. This scenario would be perfectly consistent with what Biden, or most likely the military, has done in foreign policy matters.

          “Biden withdrew troops from Afghanistan and increased sanctions against China, while the international finance and the deep state asked him to do otherwise.

          “All these events seem to suggest that someone else is in charge in the White House and it is not Joe Biden. Neither is it the deep state. Someone else is in control and this someone is not following the deep state agenda.”

          –Cesare Sacchetti

          There was a military confrontation between China and the U.S. in the South China Sea

          There was a military confrontation between China and the US in the South China Sea

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    • Tim I agree with that interview that Trump is Emperor of the world.
      Did you and Richard see that post on YouTube of the effigy of Trump being pulled through the streets of SPAIN to cheering crowds. They get it.

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