The Sound of the LORD’s Justice shall ring loud and clear! – Veronika West

MOST ‘GOD-INCIDENTAL’ TIMING in connection with my dream featuring Donald Trump, Veronika writes on Facebook this morning, and at His Kingdom Prophecy:


Ha! In the early hours of this morning I heard The Spirit say, ”Listen! For the Sound of My Justice will ring loud and clear across The Nations of the Earth.

A Sound that will pierce and penetrate the darkness!

A Sound that will cause a shaking, rattling and rolling!

A Sound that will cause a things to twist, shift and be overturned!

A Sound that will bring chaos and confusion into the enemies camp.

Watch! As the Sound goes forth to Herald the Beginning of a New Season!

A Sound that bring things hidden in darkness to a head!

Yes! A Sound that will awaken the deep sleepers and bring forth a Divine Realignment and a Reordering to The Nations of the Earth.

I say again — “Look and Listen”!

For the Party Games have surely begun, and a Supernatural Unraveling will now have many on the run!”

Blessings, Veronika West

Please also read these words by clicking images:

America’s Puppet-Master will bring the ‘tower’ down – Veronika West

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