Top lawyers and Kash Patel for Pentagon trash Jan 6 Committee’s claims

Hope this will make some sense because of extremely high-pitch sawing on pavement directly outside followed by worse: laying and deep vibrations from hammering fresh tarmac…I’m presenting edited screenshots sent to WordPress for your perusal…

“…once again, the Committee simply edited out conflicting evidence. For example,  the Committee again edited out the line of Trump where he said, “I know that everyone here will soon be marching over to the Capitol building to peacefully and patriotically make your voices heard.”  [See previous for brief extract of Prof Turley’s biography]


Extracts from autotranscript: Harvard Law School Professor Emeritus Alan Dershowitz:

“…What they should have done is gone to court first and tested his claim of privilege if he lost the claim of privilege in front of the court then the court  could have issued an order for him to testify but if congress subpoenas somebody and the person has a claim of privilege if they subpoenaed me for example to testify about my conversations with president trump when i represented him i could not comply with that subpoena in my case because i’m a lawyer i would go to court and seek an injunction against this

But bannon shouldn’t be prosecuted for this it’s alice in wonderland justice –  prosecution first and then the court makes a determination as to whether or not the privilege is valid

So i think he’ll be convicted at trial this is the district of columbia after all with about 85 percent of people hating trump and i think it’s very likely it will be reversed on appeal…”

[Interviewer]…speaking of the january 6th committee congressman adam kinzinger said that he doesn’t really have any interest of hearing trump’s side of the story [!!!] he does apparently want to hear mike pence’s side of the story and in your book you talk about the importance of due process and i know this is a congressional committee it’s not a court of law but is it important for trump to have the ability to have his say to give his side of the story or is it because it’s a congressional committee it really doesn’t matter in the same way it would in a court of law?”

“But it’s not a real congressional committee as you know every congressional committee that we remember even the mccarthy committees had people on the other side who could cross-examine this is not a real committee this is a kangaroo committee it only has opponents of donald trump and all of his advisors.

“Look i’m not a fan of what president trump did on january 6 or of what happened after that but due process for me but not for thee isn’t justified and therefore i don’t think that the january sixth committee’s report will have the kind of credibility that the 911 commission report for example had ….and i think we’re gonna hear about this as the non-fiction version ultimately of the january six – right now we have the fiction version one side done for television…”


And in Just The News:

PLUS this really good article exposing/correcting THE LYING PRESS…(click to read)

The New York Post, Wall Street Journal Get Trump Wrong

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