Prophecy Progress Update 8: – Two Presidents as Dolls – Biden ‘Made in China’

Latest developments regarding the Biden regime and China require us to revisit this dream Veronika published on 14 May 2021:

Veronika continues (click to read dream in full – underscoring below added):

‘So I want to share a short but really strange dream with you all, where I found myself standing in what looked like a large industrial Factory, and what stood before me in the dream were a large number of huge big bags of what looked like weird plastic Dolls dressed in black and white clothes.

But, from where I was standing in the dream, I was not able to see the Dolls very clearly, so I stepped a little closer, and as I got up to these huge big bags of strange looking Dolls, I was shocked to see that they were in fact Dolls that looked like Joe Biden!

They were strange looking action-type figures of Joe Biden, dressed in black and white tuxedos.

Now as I looked and looked again at my surroundings, I realised that I was standing in a Factory that was making and mass producing these plastic action figures of Joe Biden, and as I stepped even closer to the bags, I reached out to touch one of the Dolls, and before I could touch it, I saw a ticket on the back of the ‘JB Action Figure‘ that said, ”MADE IN CHINA,” and suddenly, as I read those words, I heard these words,

”What’s made in China is cheap, and will not last. But what’s hand-made for America will stand the test of time!”

(Yes… you can call me crazy… but that’s what I heard!)

Now as I heard those words in the dream, suddenly I saw all the plastic actions-figures of Joe Biden being thrown into what looked like a large black storage bin, and on the side of the big black bin was a sign which read “TERTIARY RECYCLING”.

Then I heard these words, ”Watch! For what the enemy created for evil. I will Turn, Transform and Reform for good and for the advancement of My Kingdom!”

[PS:  Tertiary Recycling – Completely breaking down a product into molecules using a chemical process and then turning it into a completely new product,]



You may recall my many posts covering the deeply dubious actions of General Milley in contacting China without authorisation of US Commander-in-Chief. Here’s the latest on this treachery:


In Prophecy Progress Update 9 we will consider the other ‘doll’ in Veronika’s dream, Donald Trump…

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