NAIL-ON-THE-HEAD validation of Veronika West’s ‘stadium’ dream of cheating in US 2020 election!


Since reading recent news Veronika’s vision has been on my mind, and this morning as I was watching the video on my phone and as I was taking careful note of how Biden eventually gets disqualified as president, this from ‘Down-under’ POPPED ONTO my screen. I hate it when YouTube does that BUT THIS TIME MUST BE OF THE LORD…

WOW, NAIL-ON-THE-HEAD VALIDATION!!  And after taking a screenshot I couldn’t find that link to news-clip . SO am very glad I took a shot!

Over the weekend I noted a Fbk friend with whom I’d been debating a couple of years ago, as well as chatting with Veronika on the news I’d been following, both commented upon the rift arising from disagreements over prophecies on the US 2020 election and supportive of Donald Trump. We recognised this as satanic strategy, and in confirmation I’d received an email from Charlie Shamp on this too! (Its video link fails!!)

THEREFORE, we’re directly ON-TARGET OVER the hater of humanity. A prophet has said we’re in the biggest spiritual battle since Jesus walked into Jerusalem and gave up His life for each of us

OF course, all prophets see in a ‘glass darkly’ and thus do not always get the full story the Lord knows.  In view of the nature of the battle it was wise that most of us were not fully appraised of how it was playing out to expose and root out ALL EVIL. Therefore, we’ve been blessed to learn how Devolution and ‘Q phenomenon’ are so interwoven within the prophecies playing out.

As I recently concluded, ‘To our Father, Trump’s anointed presidency is continual and anyone else is an illegitimate pretender.’

As in our February news headlines validating the rigged-race prophecy, we’ll look next at recent headlines from several sources….

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