“Q” is back! — John Barber

“Q” is back! Q, which came to our attention with an October 2017 post on the anonymous image-board 4chan, has returned with its first post since December 2020 stating “Shall we play a game once more?”.

I first wrote about Q and Q’s Anon followers four years ago, noting followers believe the world is run by an evil, secret cabal (hopefully about to receive their come-uppance by the good guys – whoever they are), with detractors scoffing at such notions, urged on by the unholy trinity (politicians, media and elites)… “Q” is back — JRB Publications

Herein my blogging buddy John shares his thoughts, which he put on my Facebook.  I had to laugh aloud upon reading the quote attributed to ‘007’ author Ian Fleming about ‘coincidence’ because I’d just inserted “There’s no such thing as ‘coincidence’ when the Lord is involved!  Thus, God-incidents!” atop today’s post on Q before publishing it!

What’s more, look at what this desktop clock’s ‘Published’ time just changed to > 17:17 (Q;Q)  LOL! 

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