Prophecy and the ‘Q’ movement – Wanda Alger

As well as tracking the fulfillment of the Kim Clement ‘Two Presidents’ prophetic word and visions granted to Veronika West about America and Donald Trump against current events, especially in connection with the outworking of Devolution theory’s ‘continuity of government,’ the existence of the ‘Q’ movement has not been entirely out of my mind.

Furthermore, the two concepts and their own possible tracking and prediction of events  plus existence of devotees operating online as ‘digital warriors’ has strong similarities to the activities and following of Christian prophets and intercessors.  In fact, a dovetailing between those two movements is only natural in view of the strong Christian emphasis  upon American politics.

This week our sister in Christ, Wanda Alger, has published her thoughts upon this mix in her Telegram channel at  In sharing her wisdom Wanda  closes with one of my favorite verses from my days investigating Elizabethan codes:


[27 June] ‘Before anyone gets triggered by me commenting on Q – hear me out. Regardless of your personal opinions and ideas about who or what Q is, there is no denying what the Q movement has produced in the last few years. From the moment this person/group first posted back in 2017, Q brought together millions of people from across the globe for one purpose – to seek out the truth. The questions asked and the information given – whether true or false – compelled people to think for themselves outside of the matrix. It produced an insatiable appetite for valid information and viable “proofs” of the corruption being revealed. As a result, an army of digital soldiers across the world stood on watch, ready to do their part in defeating the globalist agenda.

Whether it was a Black Hat or White Hat operation is still being debated by some. Most, however, believe it has been a military intelligence psyop from the good guys. (For a “Beginner’s Guide to Q” catch the link below from Praying Medic who put together a great 28-min video explaining everything.) Realizing that some of the information was purposely false to mislead the opposition, the Q followers have determined to follow the drops and see where they lead. And now, after being silent for exactly 1700 days, Q posted again on the same day that Roe v Wade was overturned. Coincidence? Many think not.

I never followed the Q posts or any of the “anons” (de-coders). But I did follow the narrative and many others who were watching from the sidelines. What I saw was a growing community of patriots who were not satisfied with the status quo and willing to dig deeper. This was impressive – given the fact that most in the Church have been in denial and unwilling to “search a matter out” (Proverbs 25:2). I also see many parallels to the prophetic community (which I’ll explain in another thread:-).

Regardless of what you think about Q, I believe God is using it in some very unique ways. I would encourage you to keep an open mind and pray for these who are seeking out truth in unfamiliar ways. Sometimes God will use unusual means to reach unconventional people with uncomfortable truths. Let’s watch and see what happens. The fruit will speak for itself.’


[28 June] ‘When I’m watching Q followers online and how they interact with each other, I actually feel like I’m watching a group of prophetic intercessors. I’ve had to smile at the similarities…

PROPHETIC INTERCESSORS are forever trying to interpret the signs and symbols in dreams and visions in order to find a hidden message from God.
Q FOLLOWERS are forever decoding Q drops with all their abbreviations and numbers in hopes of discovering hidden clues about what’s really happening.

PROPHETIC INTERCESSORS are passionate about seeing prophetic words fulfilled so that others will “see” what they’ve been shown about our future.
Q FOLLOWERS are zealous in their quest to prove their cause in hopes that those asleep will wake up to the truth about our past.

PROPHETIC INTERCESSORS look for the fulfillment of words given in order to verify their accuracy and validate their source.
Q FOLLOWERS look for the “proofs” to their decodes in order to confirm their information and substantiate their theories.

Both prophetic intercessors and Q followers are highly motivated in their quest to expose the corruption and rid our systems of demonic infiltration. And, both have been challenged to consider what is truly the priority. Just as some believers have too easily placed all their faith in “the prophets,” so have some patriots unwittingly put all their hopes in “Q.” And yet most continue to profess faith in God.

Both also have their extremes and their exceptions. Both are judged, not by any consistent pattern of integrity and accuracy, but by the few among them who are extreme in their views or independent in their analysis. Both have had to weather the accusations and the criticisms of outsiders in order to press forward for the greater good.

As you can see – we actually have a lot in common:-).
And I’d like to believe that the same Guiding Force is working with both towards the same conclusion.
Truth Himself – finally revealed.


For those who are concerned about “following Q” let me clarify a few things:

1. “Following Q” (or any other source – sacred OR secular) should never be above following Jesus Christ or putting our faith in God. Jesus is always first, and our time with Him and in His Word should always take precedence over following anyone or anything else.

2. If Q IS a military intelligence operation (psyop), their purpose would be to give some truthful and strategic information for the good guys, as well as misinformation in order to mislead the bad guys. This would be a given. (So don’t expect it to all be true.)

3. In this War on Information, every good channel of communication is going to get hit with false accusations, fraudulent accounts, and insurgents from within. More than likely, the more there are, the more it is hitting a valid target.

4. Truth is truth, regardless of its origins.

5. I just heard today from a personal friend (full-time in ministry) who has a close relative working inside military intelligence. When referencing Q’s intel, this relative’s limited communications with my friend simply states, “I can’t tell you how I know, but it looks to be true.”

6. Just as the prophets aren’t the only ones receiving supernatural revelation from above, Q isn’t the only source of intel on the ground. For those who are willing to expand their thinking – and not be fearful of what they find – God is showing Himself in all kinds of ways to all kinds of people…’

“It is the glory of God to conceal a matter and the glory of kings to search it out.” (Proverbs 25:2)

Wanda recommends Praying Medic’s short video about Q, appreciates his synopsis and encourages us to carefully consider what he shares. AND note the jigsaw design of his Q – how highly appropriate!!

Next. we will look at a surprising possible connection between Q and Veronika’s vision of the Tramp-Biden poker game!

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