“Exposure, exposure, exposure!” Word of the Lord to politicians and nations – Dr Patricia Show, 22.5.22

Herein the Lord speaks in depth on many NAMED ungodly US politicians, beginning with Soros – then proceeds with words for many nations including Italy, Germany, Australia, Canada, Mexico, N.Korea, China, UK (re imperialism), Israel (re Yeshua), South Africa.

Thank you Theresa Sullivan as this confirms my prophetical question exactly 6 years ago Is the Lord exposing rotten politic in the UK, USA, EU? and I’ve logged over 200 posts on exposures since then – NOW, He’s promising many more!!

Here’s the auto-generated transcript:

today is may 22nd 2022 and i received a
message from the lord um regarding the
nations on may 20th 2022
and uh this message i’m just going to
read right from my journal
and so i just want to begin what the
lord said
he says this >
come near to me that i may be near to you says the lord distractions are all around but you must rise above the noise and the distractions to draw near to me says the lord
and then after that he said i’m going to give you um his word regarding the united states of america first and so this is what this message is
for the usa
he said exposure exposure exposure in order for the usa to get back on my track says the lord the first must be exposure i am pulling back the veil removing the smoke and mirrors and revealing the puppet masters
the charade is up says the lord
the costumes will come off and the real players revealed he said people have been conditioned to hollywood movies which set them up for this charade to happen do not think that i the lord have not seen because i have and then he begins to speak to
individuals within our nation
he said soros your time is up you have pulled the strings of the puppets and now even now i cut those strings so all you have left is two pieces of worthless wood
you thought you were wise in your own eyes but i have called you a fork tongue devil i gave you power for a season but you have grabbed for power beyond what i granted you says the lord
you and those who have been loyal to you will fall says the lord
what i have to say to you will not change your mind or your heart for you have sold your soul to the devil for power says the lord
you had a chance to set the record straight but you refused you have aligned yourself with wicked people and so therefore you will also be judged with the wicked
nancy pelosi
you have chosen to serve the adversary for power position and money and it will all be stripped from you in a second in time you laugh and mock at my servants and at me says the lord
but he who laughs last will indeed laugh last
says the lord
jen (Psaki)
just because you have left the white house just know the white house has not left you
you know too much and you will fall with the rest of them says the lord
chuck schumer
your wicked dealings with nancy pelosi and others will be exposed and your time is over says the lord
mitch mcconnell
you have been sly in your tenure as senator but your slippery deeds will be exposed  you think your tracks are well covered but i the lord will uncover your tracks
you are a plant from the start and i am removing all plants says the lord
your hatred will become your own demise
the talking head you are no more the charade is up!
and then he continued with this word >
he said the evidence is mounting and mounting until it cascades down the mountain as an avalanche of information just as i spoke to my servant patricia in december that  there would be an avalanche in the sierras as a sign that this avalanche of information would come forth regarding this election fraud and attempted overthrow of the united states of america that avalanche did indeed happen in the sierras just as i spoke it would and now this avalanche of information is here says the lord
he said for those of you who think that you are safe because you have covered
your tracks just know that i am the one uncovering your steps your deeds your emails your text your bank accounts your holdings your foreign bank accounts your associates and your contracts i am uncovering your clandestine meetings whether they be in hotel rooms in a limo on a path in the woods or on a lear jet nothing is hidden from me says the lord
whether you believe that i exist or not soon you will know that i am and i do exist says the lord of hosts

now that was for the united states of america now for italy he says this

italy you are like the leaning tower of pisa
you and it will fall says the lord
your wickedness has risen to my throne
and the cries of the children and unborn
babies have reached my ears
all the children and babies whose bones
and blood lie under the vatican will be
vindicated says the lord of hosts
for germany
he says this
your neutral stance will be the grounds
upon which another hitler will rise in
your midst
bondages will be broken over australia
as i pour out my spirit upon the land
because i have heard the cries and
prayers of the righteous people in the
for those in canada who long to hear a
word from me says the lord he says this
imperialism will end says the lord
your nation will be free from all that
has held it bound
get ready for a great visitation of the
lord you will never be the same again
he says mexico i have you in my sight
says the lord i will visit the gangs and
entire gangs will get saved and serve me
says the lord
i am about to transform mexico and
remove the wicked people in the
government and the police
who have
rolled by bribery violence and injustice
my justice is coming says the lord
north korea
to a godless nation who has been forced
to be godless i will remove your leader
and bring forth prosperity to the people
your fall is great but for the sake of
the people who love me says the lord i
will not allow total destruction says
the lord
for the uk
the stronghold you have exerted on the
world through the crown is coming to an
imperialism is falling says the lord
he said soon you will know
that yahushua is your messiah
and you will feel shame because of the
one you have pierced but rejoice in god
your savior
south africa
the racial divide will fall says the
a great revival will break out in south
africa that will join them together the
riches of south africa will be more
uh the riches of south africa will be
more plentiful and the
nation’s treasures will will be enjoyed
by many says the lord
so this is the word of the lord to the nations and i hope that you were blessed by those and i just hope you have a just a wonderful and blessed day hallelujah

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