Visit Richard’s Watch on Telegram for more prophecy-related news

The main focus of this WordPress blog is not only on being alert to the signs and events indicative of Jesus Christ’s promised return, but also on some modern prophecies and their fulfillment. To that end I cover some relevant secular news whenever our personal schedule allows, BUT…

As a great deal is happening prophecy-wise in USA, and thus of global impact, I invite you to visit my Telegram channel where I can link such extra items very quickly, at… 

You may prefer to dip in as and when you wish or, if already on Telegram, then join my Channel to get all updates.

Telegram entries are in descending chronological sequence, unlike here on WordPress.

2 thoughts on “Visit Richard’s Watch on Telegram for more prophecy-related news

  1. I installed telgram but it says log in using phone number or scan the QR code. I might prefer to use QR code, but don’t know how to do it on my phone..I’ve tried before with a couple of things but i doesn’t sem to work. I don’t suppose youu or someone can tell me how to do it please?


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