Prophecy Progress Update: Ukraine & Russia Treaty

As quoted from Reuters yesterday:

Now note this from Veronika West received 11th March:

Important prophecy on Russia, Poland & Baltic Nations – The Bone & The Treaty

Opening paragraphs read:

This is what I heard. I heard these Words, “Watch! For in the days ahead, they will seek to throw The Great Bear Nation a Bone, to stop The Bear from taking yet another bite!

Yes! But Watch and Pray! For a bone will only temporarily appease his warring appetite, before the eyes of The Bear Nation are back on Poland and The Baltic Lands, looking to take more than his fair share.

For once The Great Bear tastes flesh and blood, there is no going back. So I say again, Watch and Pray as the cravings of The Great Bear Nation continue to grow, for more power and greater political prominence.

But listen, for some will say, “Surely this Peace Treaty will bring common ground and a place of neutrality, for see, now The Angry Bear will stay back and The Red Dragon Nation will be restrained!…Yet….”  (click to continue reading)

6 thoughts on “Prophecy Progress Update: Ukraine & Russia Treaty

  1. Hello RIchard, I don’t know if there is a connection here or not but it caught my attention. In the Veronika West prophecy you included she mentions a deep underground attack (copied below) then an Amanda Grace prophecy mentions a big bang that would be felt across multiple states (see also below) which would seem to indicate that it was something in the ground. Interesting regardless of connection or not. Mark

    West: So watch! For in the days ahead, just when The Great Bear Nation seems to back down from taking more and more ground, suddenly an unexpected attack will take place deep underground, that will put their political agenda of A Great Global Reset right back, for an Economic War for the supply of Gas and Oil will bring a shutting down of their pipelines, that will break the backs of a stiff-necked nations.

    Grace: And says the Spirit of the Lord this day The Clock is ticking and there shall be a BIG BANG, since science has so twisted this term, However says the Lord there shall be a bang this one shall be felt across multiple states and reported widely as the Time has come for I the Lord to allow their own explosiveness to befall them. From this prophecy: March 25,

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