Is this why Humpty Dumpty’s wobbling? His China connection?

Over late lunch and just before being alerted to Newt Gingrich reference to the “Humpty Dumpty Party” and reading Veronika West’s prophecies on the Ukraine and USA, at His Kingdom Prophecy, a couple of items popped up that raise questions on where Biden’s true loyalties lie – they seem to be deeply suspect:

First, this news (click here to read in full):

After reading that item I checked my Fbk homepage and saw a friend had linked to thsi be the same author:

Does this ‘God-incidence’ point to the real reason why Biden is unfit for office?Remember the 7 years-old prophecy of Kim Clement of China’s later “subtle war”!

2 thoughts on “Is this why Humpty Dumpty’s wobbling? His China connection?

  1. Ha- I don’t believe it but i posted this to Gab last night:

    I’d ask how safe for Americans is it to have a person sitting in the WH with such a record??? In any case how safe is it for Americans for the man sitting there having a son called Hunter Biden???I know I’d feel very uneasy!!!
    Biden Family Took ‘$31 Million’ from ‘Highest Levels of Chinese Intelligence’
    (Bombshell evidence uncovered by investigative reporter Peter Schweizer)


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