Time to decide for/against God’s Great Divide – Neil Mackereth

A month ago today, 17th December, in A Great Falling Away; Time of Divine Separation Has Begun I re-posted Veronika West’s revisiting a prophecy of 2018 and noted that it speaks into what the Lord opened to me ten years earlier on the parable of the wheat and tares. In The End-game is in Now in Play I tell what happened upon opening my Bible to check that parable – I’d distinctly heard “This is ALL about to be fulfilled”.

It is particularly poignant, therefore, to note a similar phrase quoted by Neil Mackereth , whose evening courses on End-times at Winchester Vineyard began our friendship. He now writes, in which I embolden certain text: 

“Dear Richard, Things continue to develop at dazzling speed, as the world groans on its axis!

“The Lord has laid on my heart the urgency of the moment and our accountability as watch-keepers and evangelists; something that you are anointed for and brilliantly and conscientiously carrying forward. Herewith what He has been saying to me.”


The Lord reminded me that the Great Commission bestows His mantle of authority on His disciples and the Holy Spirit empowers us to go and preach the Gospel to all nations. He told me that the “Great Reset” is not from Him, and that a Great Divide is imminent. We are approaching “the Valley of Decision”, where God makes His decision. We need to have made our decision before we get there!

We have heard much about the New World Order, which will replace, subsume and/or incorporate: the United Nations; the World Health Organisation; the World Bank; the International Monetary Fund; and the World Trade Organisation.

Soon, the highly influential (but non-governmental) World Economic Forum will take steps to rationalise world-wide economic and financial management, either as part of the move to an integrated New World Order (NWO), or as a catalytic “Great Reset”, that will lead to the NWO.

A charismatic and very accomplished leader will arise on the world stage, along with a dynamic religious leader who will introduce a new world-wide religion. None of this should be a surprise to those who are committed to Jesus and study the Word of God. There are many prophecies and references in the Bible that describe how End-times events will unfold. The Lord said to me: “It is wrong to pray against these things: all Biblical prophecy will be fulfilled.”

The vast majority of people have chosen to ignore the End-times prophetic scriptures, and the life-style guidance in the Bible. “The still small voice of God”, and His gentler ways of instruction and encouragement, have been rebuffed again and again.

And so, a calamity is upon us. God has broken up the conditions (circumstances) that prevailed under the era of His permissive will. He has allowed crises to develop that will create a perfect “storm”: this is “tough love”. Why? Because time is very short and God is occasioning a situation where a decision must be made, ie., will we do what God asks, or continue in rebellion to ultimate disaster?

If we profess and truly seek to be disciples of Jesus Christ, there will be no hesitation in our decision to surrender our will to Him unequivocally and irrevocably. In fact, for many of us that decision is history.

We recognise that the Covid and climatic crises, along with world economic instability and related poverty, migration, ethnic cleansing, war and misery, are all in line with what Jesus said would happen, as we approach “time of tribulation”.

The world is staggeringly perverse: even so, it is God’s hope, in Fatherly love, that people will be driven to such a point of despair that they will humble themselves, get down on their knees and cry out to Him for help. “Godly sorrow brings repentance that leads to salvation” (2 Corinthians 7:10).

Jesus said: “I came not to bring peace, but a sword” (Matthew 10:34). The time for a sympathetic, restrained message is over. Attempts to keep a foot in both camps will result in perplexity. The Gospel message must be insistent and merciless, and send a sword through every peace that is not founded on a personal relationship with Jesus.

I tell you the truth: we stand in the cusp of a Great Divide.

9 thoughts on “Time to decide for/against God’s Great Divide – Neil Mackereth

  1. Interesting. On the first Sunday of the year, God “gave to me” (if that’s the right expression) this passage from Ezekiel 12 (vv. 21-end), which I had never read before:

    The LORD spoke to me. “Mortal man,” he said, “why do the people of Israel repeat this proverb: ‘Time goes by, and predictions come to nothing’? Now tell them what I, the Sovereign LORD, have to say about that. I will put an end to that proverb. It won’t be repeated in Israel any more. Tell them instead: the time has come, and the predictions are coming true!
    “Among the people of Israel there will be no more false visions or misleading prophecies. I, the LORD, will speak to them, and what I say will be done. There will be no more delay. In your own lifetime, you rebels, I will do what I have warned you I would do. I have spoken,” says the Sovereign LORD.
    The LORD said to me, “Mortal man, the Israelites think that your visions and prophecies are about the distant future. So tell them that I, the Sovereign LORD, am saying: there will be no more delay. What I have said will be done. I, the Sovereign LORD, have spoken!”

    I’m convinced this was personally for me, but it fits in with things Veronika has been prophesying, I think – and, as such, perhaps has a wider application.

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    • Twenty years or so ago and maybe before and since, I was praying for these sorts of things (in general) to happen. I cannot recall exactly what I prayed for, but thought, surely I shouldn’t in effect, be asking God for disasters to fall on the world..but I was praying in my prayer language and then in Englsih what I felt moved to pray. Rather disconcerting. But it would seem that for the last several years or more, these things are happening (I’m sure others have prayed similarly too). I always believed and said to God, why should these things not happen in our lifetime and not some vague point in the future? It all seemed quite urgent. It now seems rather frightening! Not so much for myself, but for those who don’t know Christ. I hope and pray that many (if not all) will turn to God.

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  2. I did once think perhaps it would be a great war ( which would obliterate us, nukes etc…) But now my thoughts & prayers are that our Heavenly Father will intercede soon as it’s the (crazy) scientists to be feared as they (perhaps led by Satan) know too much and will meddled too much with our God Given DNA,& Genetic-Engineering, so that it won’t be God’s any more. I get the impression he has always coveted God’s Creation &wants to call it his, including us- as God’s created children. This ruddy envious evil arch-demon must be stopped!!!

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