Conspiracy Theories Proven #3: mRNA vaccine MAKES Covid virus dangerous!

Inventor of mRNA & DNA vaccines and world-wide expert on RNA technologies (click image for details)

Continuing from 2nd issue Data shows ‘safe’ Covid vaccine DOES KILL athletes!

General Practioner (trained in microbiology) Dr Elisabeth G contacted me a couple of years ago in connection with my annual posting ‘Stille Nacht’ (just typing it sends tingles down my back) the original Austrian version of Silent Night. She now brings a most pertinent contribution in commenting upon How apt: latest Covid variant omicron is anagram of ‘moronic’, and which requires careful study – all emphases mine:


‘Hello Richard,
A few days ago I read about a scientific study of the University of Stockholm: they found in tissue samples of (Covid-) vaccinated people that an enormous amount of this Spike-protein (originating from the vaccine) is in the nucleus of the cell, not on the surface of the cell membrane where it would be expected to be if it was a ‘proper’ vaccine.

This spike protein (Antigen) is amongst others blocking DNA repair mechanisms in the nucleus of the cell, and the formation of B-lymphocytes, which build antibodies and T-lymphocytes which attack hostile organisms/cells directly. The ‘vaccine’ causes the body to incorporate the spike protein in the body’s own cells (eg. inner surface of blood vessels) and we are told this is to make the body produce more antibodies: this seems to me to be nonsense because now the body recognizes this antigen/virus as its own. It blocks the host’s immune response and makes the person harbour many more of the current virus cells.

The same day I (suddenly) found a text stating that all Corona viruses share four different spike proteins – the same four ‘spikes’ per virus. In my time as a medical student the literature stated that there were about 600!! different corona viruses commonly causing upper respiratory tract infections and gastrointestinal infections. They can be life-threatening if the infected person has inborn or acquired immune deficiencies as all infective agents do.

Then the thought came to me that the virus was not altered at all by who ever, where ever. This was just part of the fabrication of the panic in order that people be subjected to the forces behind this. The virus mutates very frequently. I think manipulations would be very short-lived. The ‘vaccine’ is the problem: it makes the virus dangerous as it manipulates our immune reconnaissance. If they can introduce one spike protein into our physical fabric, they can introduce all four. That creates a monstrous infection. That process requires demonic laboratories as well.

You are right with connecting which whatever is deemed to be the current variant of the virus with MORONIC. Everything in connection with it is.

Dear Richard, keep well.

PS Link to Swedish study via Swiss site>

Dr Elisabeth added to this by email a few days ago:

Initially, I could not find the article about the spike protein localizing in the nucleus of the cell where it is not expected to be but on the outer surface of the cell membrane. I found a few other relevant bits of information which I wanted to send to you instead of the latter. But, alas, just before closing my PC down: there it was with a last attempt – RB:  this link is now within image and replaces previous above image. Click to read Paper and Abstract or summary:


Just one additional word here: the  ‘severe acute respiratory syndrome coronavirus 2…..’ only severely affected people with impaired immune system, either acquired or inborn. There are a few such genetic short comings affecting almost exclusively people from other than Northern European descent: the biggest group as I am aware suffers from G6PD ( Glucose 6 phosphate dehydrogenase deficiency): it is very prevalent in other areas of our planet, also in some South European locations: the Balkans, Italy , Asia minor and so on..

It helps with coping with Malaria infection as the parasite’s pathological potential depends on the same G6P enzyme. You can get world maps about its distribution online. Because this faulty/missing gene sits on the X Chromosome, it is far more prevalent in populations which habitually marry second degree relatives. This is what the official news never mention and the vast majority of patients in intensive care have a migrational background. To make matters worse, there are quite a few other genetic problems working in the same vein, and they are all on the X Gene and can be present all together in one person….

…By the way, the X gene does not determine any sexual phenomena. The number of X genes is useful to quickly determine the sex of tissue remains.The Y gene only carries one tenth of the genes present on the X gene — it makes for fascinating study. By the way, G6PD and other substances are protecting the red blood cells and internal lining (endothel) of the blood vessels: this is where the severe and often fatal infection by any virus, bacteria and parasites take place on the cellular level. The whole body can potentially be wrecked. This is also where the side effects of the mRNA “vaccine” materialize.  :

Some looked at the cause for the increased risk of heart attack, stroke, thrombosis and embolism after “vaccination” in the link above…My husband and I both have had contact with people with vascular events and quick recurrence of cancer which had been in remission after the “jabs“. We will see an awful lot of that very soon…’

All the best, Elisabeth

PS [RB] – Subsequent posts support Dr G’s above points:
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