Again, Media mirrors US Political Circus and Poker Game visions ‘seen’ by Veronika West

Once again we have more examples of the public media mirroring prophetic visions given to Veronika West, as shown below with relevant extracts:

1Trump vs Biden High-stakes Poker Game – 8th November 2020

Read TGP’s report here and note Bannon’s remarks in the final paragraph above with the opening and closing parts of transcript notes of Veronika’s video:

  • Then she saw a mountain of gold coins in the middle of the table which symbolized the wealth of the country. It symbolized the value and destiny of the nation…
  • As (Trump’s) watch hits the pile of gold, Trump lays his cards out on the table and I hear the words, “Full House!”
  • Immediately, Biden stands up and starts to shout and curse.
  • Trump then embraces the pile of gold, and as the watch rolls down the pile he puts it back on his wrist and said to his administration, “It’s time!”

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2 – The Joker, the Queen and the King’s Stolen Crown – 16th January 2021

And on the ‘disappearing Queen Veep’ in yesterday’s online Daily Telegraph:

‘…But then suddenly, I watched as both The Joker and The Queen of Hearts were able to mount the three-legged stool after all their desperate efforts.

The Queen looked somewhat relieved and The Joker looked half dead. But… no sooner had The Joker and The Queen — who was still trying to balance the heavy Crown upon her head — began to sit down upon the three-legged stool/ throne, I saw one of the legs of the stool suddenly break underneath them.

The heavy weight of The Joker and The Queen and Gold Crown was too much for the three-legged stool and I watched as The Joker and The Queen fell to the ground with a loud thud.

Suddenly the shouting, screaming crowds went deathly silent (you couldn’t hear a pin drop) and then, I saw the Gold Crown that had fallen to the ground begin to roll across the floor.

I watched and listened in the utter silence of the arena, as the Gold Crown rolled right across the floor, stopping at the feet of The King who was still standing before his Throne….’

(Click here for the many blogs on the progress of above prophecy’s fulfillment.)

2 thoughts on “Again, Media mirrors US Political Circus and Poker Game visions ‘seen’ by Veronika West

  1. Hello Richard, Thanks for the great effort you put in to this work. Glad you are doing it. As I was reading this I started thinking about the 3 legged stool. I suppose this has been discussed however I must admit I missed it so this may all be redundant and totally wrong. It seems to me the 3 legs definitely represent supporting organizations. One being media, two being entertainment and three being DFL/Liberals. What we see happening now at CNN, and further evidenced by your earlier mention in this article about a majority now believing the election was stolen, is the cracking of the leg represented by media. Media is about to break, they have lost the narrative and soon we will be seeing a massive change in media such that it will not look the same as it does today. I pray that this happens sooner than later. Per the prophecy of Chris Bennett (The Great Reveal, Nov 27 on His Kingdom Prophecy) it would seem like this is indeed just around the corner. Praise the Lord. Mark Jenson

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