“I keep politics out of the pulpit.” 5 devastating things that excuse will likely do — Mario Murillo

“I keep politics out of the pulpit.” I believe that there are 5 devastating things that excuse will likely do to your ministry. We have spent so much time talking about the hazards of speaking out that we have not realized the disasters of remaining silent. The nation (USA) is careening toward division that is even more intense than what we see now. Be warned! The middle ground is going to disappear soon.

This message is urgent. But it is not bashing pastors. It is my honor to work with thousands of sincere men and women of God in our pulpits.

Sadly, there are also many other preachers who are hoodwinked by the devil. They think they are doing the right thing by remaining silent on burning issues. It is deep in my heart for this to warn those preachers about the disaster that will come to any preacher who refuses to stand against evil when the evil is so glaring and the price of disobedience is so high.

It is wrong to keep politics out of the pulpit for the simple reason that it is no longer about politics…it is about evil.

“I keep politics out of the pulpit.” 5 devastating things that excuse will likely do to your ministry. — Mario Murillo Ministries  

2 thoughts on ““I keep politics out of the pulpit.” 5 devastating things that excuse will likely do — Mario Murillo

  1. The danger of including politics at the pulpit has to do with whether we are serving money or serving God. As Jesus said ‘you cannot serve both God and money” (or ‘mammon’ as some Bible versions say) (Mt.6:24). There’s a spiritual process to walk through in order to gain sufficient discernment, revelation and understanding in order to know best how to overcome the enemy in the realm of politics, rather than simply tackling the politics head-on. It requires a personal taste of the cross, as Jesus said ‘Whoever would come after Me must take up his cross and follow Me’ (Mt.16).

    He said ‘whoever would save his life must be willing to lose it, and whoever loses his life for Me and the gospel, will save it.’ If we are tackling the politics as part of trying to save our lives and shrinking back from the cross, that’s a totally wrong motive and it won’t work, for one main reason. We’ll be motivated by fear or anger, rather than the love of God perfected at the cross.

    FIRST go through the process of walking with Christ the way of the cross, however that looks on a personal basis. THEN, once we have an overcoming testimony of doing that, turn around and claim His authority over all of heaven and earth to completely trounce the enemy from the top down, as the cross triumphs over every other authority of this world. We can demolish every other stronghold and everything that sets itself up against the knowledge of Christ. But it doesn’t work the same if we shrink back from the cross in our own lives. We can’t come under something and overcome it at the same time.

    So speaking about politics from the pulpit has to include overcoming testimony arising from following Christ the way of the cross, and then teaching others to do the same. We end up not supporting either the political right nor the left, but reigning with Christ from a place where both the right and the left find their proper balance. We put first things first by seeking FIRST His Kingdom and His righteousness, then everything else is added, including wisdom from God about how to truly minister to ‘the left.’

    As I once heard from God, justice that is from Himself flows out of His righteousness. His righteousness defines true justice, including all issues related to social justice. First things first begins with taking up the cross to walk as Jesus did, so justice is brought to victory (Mt.12:20). Then we find ourselves dealing NOT with other people involved in politics, but we have the authority of Christ to crush the head of the serpent over the powers of darkness functioning behind the people involved, to set them free and lead the to Himself.

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