Another exposure of lies prophecy coming to pass in UK

As well as Leo Hohmann’s Behind the. Vaccine Veil.. published on 21 June there’s another item of that date that I have about the so-called ‘scientist’ who often makes misleading assumptions which fool ignorant politicians. I intended blogging on this on Thursday but necessary gardening didn’t give me the usual full day. BUT it’s as well because there’s more news..

Moreover, it’s another fulfillment of prophecy. This time from Amanda Grace on 22 June, as noted in Exposing Plans of the Wicked: Given Ultimatum wherein I note she says,

“The Lord will dig into England secret ties and a shocking discovery shall shake up and shift the country again” (Health Secretary’s hypocrisy emerged 25th June, he resigned 26th)

Now here are last few day’s headlines in reverse chronological order:

PS. LATEST (inserted at top)

As it’s weekend, we will consider the articles behind the above editorial next week…

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