‘Stonewall’ prophecy fulfilled – Christopher Wickland

First published by Christopher Wickland on 18th September 2019 and at UK Prophetic Words as Blessings Follow Woes and War on Britain and in January 2020 on this blog as 2019-2020 Fulfilled Prophecies 2 of 3...., Geoffrey Pick at Prophetic Releasers for UK Revival has reminded his group of the 1st Woe and recent news of its fulfillment.

Christopher comments therein,

“I must be honest, when God gave me this word I was pretty nervous about this one. I couldn’t see how such a thing could happen. Yet God in His wisdom is pulling Stonewall apart brick by brick until it’s gone for good. Praise Jesus.”

I’d add, the ‘writing was on the wall’ is graphically illustrated in that movement’s logo, for it acts as an encoded prophetic declaration that it’s on the way out > a one-way exit!

The applicable part of the prophetic word reads (underscoring mine):

‘The First Woe

‘The first part of this prophecy is aimed at the Stone Wall in our government. This is for those who have ears to hear, and have understanding to what the Spirit is saying.

“Oh Stone Wall. You have become great and marvelous in the eyes of man. You have grown from a child to a man. You have become as a king, dictating your edicts across this land with pride and arrogance. But know this. I never put you where you are today. I have allowed you to become the size you are so that I may bring you down with a mighty fall. I will chop down the tree of your influence. I will not even permit a stump to remain. I will utterly wipe the memory of you from this land.

“I am the Lord of breakthrough and I will shatter you Stone Wall. You think you are impenetrable, you think no one sees or knows. But I see, I know and to me you are as a grain of sand. I will destroy you Stone Wall and I will grind you to dust. You will never rise again and never again put your edicts and rules over this land again.”

The Christian Institute reports in Flood of Public Bodies Exit Stonewall Scheme…(emphases added):

‘Several high-profile public bodies are leaving Stonewall’s ‘Diversity Champions’ programme, following the Equality and Human Rights Commission’s recent departure. Concerns about the scheme centre around Stonewall’s aggressive promotion of trans ideology.

‘The House of Commons, the Driver & Vehicle Licensing Agency and the employment dispute service ACAS are among a “flood” of public bodies which have ended their membership.

‘Public bodies pay upwards of £2,500 plus VAT to subscribe to the lobby group’s programme, which rewards employers for promoting LGBT ideology inside and outside of the workplace.

Taxpayers’ burden

‘Last month, the Equality and Human Rights Commission revealed that it had ended its membership of Stonewall’s scheme in March. The Ministry of Housing, Communities and Local Government ditched the programme in 2019.

‘The Minister for Women and Equalities, Liz Truss, has now called on all Government departments to withdraw from the scheme. According to calculations made by The Sunday Telegraph last year, fees paid to Stonewall by public bodies cost the taxpayer at least £600,000 a year.

‘Stonewall’s Chief Executive Nancy Kelley recently likened defending the reality of biological sex to anti-Semitism.


‘But Stonewall co-founder turned critic Simon Fanshawe slammed the group for “pushing a divisive dogma” and insisting “without discussion that those born male can become women simply by saying so, and therefore enter exclusively female spaces and use women-only services”. He dismissed the group’s claim to support freedom, highlighting that it refuses to back “the freedom to disagree”.

5 thoughts on “‘Stonewall’ prophecy fulfilled – Christopher Wickland

  1. Praise God in His Wondrous Mercy!

    As I was reading this wonderful news today i felt the Lord start to explain why, a few years ago He had said to me that ‘London’s Burning’. I came here in response to a call to put out the fire, but when I arrived saw nothing in particular that related to it.

    But when the pandemic started I began to think – The Great Plague of 1665, followed and destroyed by… The Great Fire of London! I thought that the pandemic might be the plague, and in some ways it is, but today I heard something more.

    As I read about the pulling down of Stonewall’s death grip on our Government institutions I heard ‘Bubonic Plague’. Fishing back into my vague memory from school I remember the name came from the Buboes, or huge bubble-like boils which eruped from the original infection caused by the flea bites.

    I began to think of the three-generational nature of sin, The Thought patterns, the Contemplation and experimenting and finally, the Way of life. This surely is a clear picture of how we have got to the state we are in now. As always, as in the story of the Wheat and the Tares, God, in his mercy doesn’t pull things up, possibly leaving some remaining infection, but waits until he can pull it out root and branch. This also he only does once we are so sick of our lives, or the infection has run its course, that we beg for healing.

    When Brexit was broached it was like the lid came off of our situation. Good and Bad came to the surface where everyone could see. Nothing was hidden from our sight. As we grew more and more sick of what we found hidden under the lid, we began to pray, and the walls began to fall.

    As the Bubonic Plague of sinfulness, neglect of God, wilfulness and full-blown rebellion comes to a head in massive Buboes, I believe God will lance them, in full sight of the world. Their fall will be great, and public and men will see that God is God, and that he begs the world to come to its senses before it is too late.

    And then…. the fire will fall. When we call, with one voice, with one purpose, and in harmony with God’s heart for his people, the fire WILL fall. And great will be the destruction of all the enemy’s tortuous plans for the UK, for the rest of the World, the Church and Israel, As we cry out for His mercy, in harmony with HIS plans, the Fire WILL FALL. It will like up the water around the alter of sin, and burn the alter itself, before He will make an end of the Priests of Baal who are destroying His children.

    So, be ready, as we pray, the buboes wil grow larger and more strident and louder. As with any boil the pressure will increase to the agonising pitch of an ulcer, and as we call out for His Mercy to fall, he will lance those boils where they stand. As they raise their fists in the air to curse God, his sword will fall, lancing them, and releasing the poisens that pollute this land, and wash us clean.

    Though our sins be a scarlet, he WILL make them white as snow.

    And once this is done he will burn away the infection, root and branch, leaving us free to worship him, adore him, and welcome him to our nations, our towns and cities and our churches again. We are called to be Heaven’s Fire Fighters. Once the fire has fallen we are to channel it into every place, into our homes, our churches, our schools and our cities, into our Governments and our businesses, into our lives and our plans. Remember 1666. This will be our example.

    And what did the people of London do after the Fire? They rebuilt. Better, healthier streets, with every thing that you need to be a world-class city for the future. Last time we got it wrong though. We rebuilt and then we dedicated London to other gods, of prosperity and trade. I can imagine God sighed as we allowed the infection to take hold again.

    BUT GOD.

    In His Mercy He had a plan. The Great Fire Mark 2.

    This time when the plague is lanced and the infection burned away we must rebuild our world, and dedicate it to the One True God. Adonai, the Lord of the Heavenly Armies. No more infection, no more weakness in our walls and asHis Name is written into our stones and pavements, He Will Protect It.

    So, as we watch and pray, remember, after the plague comes the fire, and after the fire, WE REBUILD IN HIS NAME. Amen.

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