Latest Statement from Donald Trump on the theft of election votes in Arizona

‘The entire Database of Maricopa County in Arizona has been DELETED! This is illegal and the Arizona State Senate, who is leading the Forensic Audit, is up in arms. Additionally, seals were broken on the boxes that hold the votes, ballots are missing, and worse. Mark Brnovich, the Attorney General of Arizona, will now be forced to look into this unbelievable Election crime. Many Radical Left Democrats and weak Republicans are very worried about the fact that this has been exposed. The DELETION of an entire Database and critical Election files of Maricopa County is unprecedented. Many other States to follow. The Mainstream Media and Radical Left Democrats want to stay as far away as possible from the Presidential Election Fraud, which should be one of the biggest stories of our time. Fox News is afraid to cover it—there is rarely a mention. Likewise, Newsmax has been virtually silent on this subject because they are intimidated by threats of lawsuits. One America News (OAN), one of the fastest growing networks on television, and the “hottest”, is doing a magnificent job of exposing the massive fraud that took place. The story is only getting bigger and at some point it will be impossible for the weak and/or corrupt media not to cover. Thank you to OAN and other brave American Patriots. It is all happening quickly!’

3 thoughts on “Latest Statement from Donald Trump on the theft of election votes in Arizona

  1. Morena Richard,
    It’s getting worser and worser in Maricopa County.
    The villains are using every tactic they can to cover up.
    Even breaking the law.
    But praise the I AM.

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  2. Praise the Lord! The Lord is exposing the wicked! Glory to God in the Highest! You can run, but you can’t hide from the Presence of God.

    John 3:20: “Everyone who does evil hates the Light, and does not come into the Light for fear that his deeds will be exposed.”

    Ephesians 5:13: “But everything exposed by the light becomes visible, for everything that is illuminated becomes a light itself.”

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