Canada, Great Britain, Israel, and USA – Maxine Phyllis

One of last year’s posts on the ‘Bridge o’r the Pond’ relating to 1999’s solar eclipse and the 400th anniversary of the voyage of the Mayflower included several ‘prophecy signals’ from different places on both sides of the Atlantic (Last Week’s GPS on New Church Also Included Canada & USA – GPS #51). The eighth piece came from Maxine Phyllis in Nova Scotia. 

In an exceptionally informative discussion on Facebook last week raised by Chris G Bennett’s and picked up by Chris Moyler about the unacceptability of prophecy within churches and differences between prophets here in the UK and in the USA, Maxine contributes very interesting points, especially relating to Esther and the Feast of Purim and kindly permits me to re-publish, as follows:


I consider this [by Keith Powell; courtesy Ruach Ministries] as a critically important prophetic word from Britain given in 2010. The word ‘pivotal’ ties in with something the Lord has done with me as a Canadian, in which I had an open vision of His right arm coming down from heaven, from the direction of the UK, all the way down to North America. In 1996 I had this vision and heard Him speak the word “pivot”. He said He’d use ME as a pivot on which to rest His arm as I watched Him slowly pull it back until it was fully retracted. He was withdrawing the blessings of His right hand from North America.

Between 1996 and 2016 I learned what it means to be the Lord’s “pivot” by coming out of the wayward Church and walking with Jesus the way of the cross through one fiery trial after another. By 2016 I had another open vision of His right arm coming back down, this time fully extended, reaching all the way down to the southern USA. Then it moved all the way up to the Canadian arctic while the entire continent appeared as one big field of green grass. He was cutting the grass as He went and gave me the word “all men are like grass….”.

The point being, Keith Powell’s prophecy in this link is where I hang my hat spiritually speaking about what the Lord is doing in UK. It’s quite different than what’s happening in USA. In the USA the battle is on the ground and under the ground. In UK, it’s in the air (as in Canada as well). The Battle of Britain is a powerful analogy for that. The strategy is different as well. The battle in the air requires believers to raise up the biggest cry of praise and worship possible on both sides of the Big Pond, to pierce the powers of darkness and send them running in confusion, so that they turn on each other, as per 2 Chronicles 20. Canada’s role appears to be to stand in the gap for both simultaneously, as a pivot between the two.

The number of man plays a prominent role, and the role of female has to come to the fore as a source of powerful intercession. This is where it really sucks for those who’ve decided to dump the wives God gave them and choose multiple partners and so on. As I’ve experienced myself the role of a Spirit-led wife is to ‘surround and protect’ a man (Jeremiah 31:22; also the original Hebrew meaning of ‘helper’ in Genesis – ‘I will make a helper suitable for him.’). Choose instead to find a newer younger model and it might end up with powerful delusions instead, or at least a dead end street spiritually speaking. This all points me back to the role of the governing authorities in UK. For all their flaws, Romans 13 still applies – they were put in place by God. And the UK / Canada have as head of state a decidedly female monarch in the land of hope and glory, mother of the free. Gender matters at this time. The UK is known for producing powerful praise and worship. Part of my intercession as a Canadian involves blasting the Wesleyan hymns and much more from the UK, into Canadian airspace, as part of surrounding and standing in the gap for USA counterparts on the ground. Hope all that makes sense.


Other things I see the Lord is doing in UK – I have come to understand that the source of His right arm coming from UK is Wesley’s Chapel in Bristol. There is something about Bristol serving like an interim capital city for the UK from a Kingdom perspective, in the face of what’s currently happening in London. I receive one confirmation after another of this as I sit in my prayer closet in Nova Scotia.

Also, for any Biblical scholars out there who might be able to explain this to me, when I visited the wells of water gushing out of the ground behind the cathedral in Wells, I heard the Lord say they come from the same source as the water in Galilee. After meditating on that for now over 12 years I’m intrigued by scriptures related to Galilee. For example, Jesus said “After I have risen I will go ahead of you to Galilee” (Matthew 26:32).

While there it felt very much like a resurrection experience for myself. I got in the habit of going up into the Mendip Hills before dawn to watch the sun come up over the Somerset Levels. There were such heavy mists over the land it was like the creation itself was speaking to me about God’s sovereign plans for this part of the world. I had first heard Him say “Ask for the ancient paths, ask where the good way is and walk in it” as part of leading me to go there. Then I sat in those hills and listened to Him speak about resurrection life, here and now, as part of what comes next for the free Judeo-Christian world. This was over the Remembrance Day season – the first two weeks of November in 2008. We truly are entering into the days described in Daniel 12 -“Multitudes who sleeping the dust of the earth will arise: some to everlasting life, others to everlasting shame and contempt.”

Meanwhile there is an open portal to heaven over the UK in which I see the New Jerusalem above who is free and who is our mother, hovering over the earth. There’s a holy highway coming from there across the Big Pond, through Atlantic Canada and down to the New England States. The UK is poised to lead the free world to victory through its over-comers in much the same way that Esther came before the King uninvited. It’s a distinctly female role that the USA cannot attain as it’s caught up with the number of man. Canada’s included. Pray for me to get my writing down about all this, as I fast and pray about all this over Purim.

Sorry for the length of this but something else just came to me. Sorry also for repeating the same things but I’m reminded of Winston Churchill’s statement that if you have an important point to make ‘don’t just say it once. Hit it once, then again, then a third time. A tremendous WHACK.’ LOL. The date of Brexit ties in with the date of Purim. The 23rd day of June 2016 the Lord spoke to me to pray for the Hamans to be hung on their own gallows whoever they are. Only later did I find that scripture passage in Esther 8, which took place also on the 23 day (of the Jewish month of Sivan – equivalent to our May/June). See postings by one Martin Hill about the timing of things, especially now heading into Purim 2021 (Feb.25/26). It’s a time of rising up as a body of Christ, making new decrees as we think best, and enforcing them with prayer and fasting. Now’s the time. I’m decreeing that the Hamans are hung in Canada, England, Israel and USA

Lastly don’t believe what you see with your eyes in UK. It’s being done in the Spirit and the victory comes ‘in the air’ with much praising and worshiping the Most High God in the enemy’s face.


To add even more to what I already wrote (sorry for the length of my previous comments), I’ve been seeing in the Spirit there are two different things happening with the prophetic realms in USA vs UK. Based on the words of Christ that “Surely no prophet can die outside of Jerusalem”, I’ve come to understand the prophetic office as pointing directly to Jerusalem and all that will take place in the future related to Jerusalem. I’ve seen in the USA, the prophets appear to rely heavily on Old Testament scriptures as a basis for their prophetic utterances which point to Jerusalem on the ground. For example, speaking of Trump as ‘God’s Cyrus’. The prophetic in the USA appears to centered more around ancient Jerusalem in the modern state of Israel. Hence the decision to move the US embassy to Jerusalem.

As a Canadian who’s a seventh generation descendant of British loyalists, to me the focus of the prophetic in Canada and UK appears to be more about the things of heaven, and the New Jerusalem above who is free and who is our mother. The New Testament scriptures then become more prominent including the ones about being instantly translated into the Kingdom and bypassing death altogether. Luke 20:36 speaks of those who are children of the resurrection, who can no longer die. Jesus spoke a lot of the need for child-like faith to enter into the Kingdom, along with a willingness to take up the cross and walk as He did. It’s less about the things of politics and more about the things of heaven.

When we don’t hear any teaching or prophetic words about this, and ONLY hear the Old Testament parallels, there is a grave risk of missing the mark altogether. IMO, that’s why we now hear some in the ‘prophets’ in USA speaking of being equal with God rather than in full submission to Him by taking the way of the cross. They risk putting themselves in the same position as Moses when he struck the rock twice (and that rock was Christ), and was disqualified from entering into the Promised Land. They want a share of the plunder but not to share in the suffering of Christ so they may truly share in His glory. No point in naming names, but they have an unhealthy interest in wealth to the point of ‘crucifying the Son of God all over again’ by failing utterly to demonstrate how to find victory through the cross. As I once heard the Lord say ‘The purpose of the anointing is not to send us to the bank; it’s to send us to the cross.’

So the prophetic office in USA is not automatically a good model for UK prophets to follow, IMO. Rather, UK prophets are standing first and foremost for the stuff of the New Jerusalem coming down from God, to bring correction to the Old Testament prophets on the ground. This appears to be exactly what Veronika West is doing – standing FOR the truth of what God is doing with Trump, largely despite some of the prosperity preaching, cross-rejecting prophets in USA, who have gone astray themselves and greatly compromised Trump’s spiritual path. All for your discernment.

Maxine’s references to the New Jerusalem prompted my response, as in next post >>

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