US Capitol Hill = Smoke and Mirrors — The Marshall Report

We are at war on all fronts. President Donald Trump on Tuesday broke his silence after last Wednesday’s ANTIFA invasion at the U.S. Capitol and said that he has no intention of resigning — and that Democrats are courting “tremendous danger” by attempting a second impeachment. He stressed this was not done by patriots. He […]



This Report published Tuesday is particularly informative. In her concluding paragraphs Dianne Marshall alludes to the repetitive prophetic phrase Ben Kay heard on Saturday “The curtain is coming down!”  Here’s Dianne’s final paragraphs (emphases mine):

Remember always pull the veil back and see what is taking place behind it. The things they don’t want you to see behind the smoke and mirrors.

‘At every point of life, and especially at this point the best guide as to discernment is through the Lord’s gift of the Holy Spirit. Nothing is as it appears and we are but small against the enemy of the wicked. May the Lord make a way for his people and give them strength to keep their faith strong. For it is by faith that all things work together to them who love the Lord.

It is all in God’s hands. Pray to be worthy of his grace. Amen.’

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