The Curtain is Coming Down – Ben Kay

As mentioned in the previous post 100-Piece US Election Jigsaw’s Significance, here’s  the synchronous email that explains my impression of surrounding darkness as I asked the Lord “What’s next?” whilst we gazed upon the completed jigsaw. Ben Kay writes:

‘…Thank you for stepping it up in terms of the extensive updates that you’re currently providing to keep us up to date with everything that is happening in the States right now.

‘It was particularly encouraging reading all the posts from today (9th January) in light of a prophetic word that I sensed the Lord giving me beforehand, at lunchtime today.

‘I had plans for the day but sensed an interruption from the Lord when I kept hearing this repetitive phrase, “The curtain is coming down”.

‘I went into prayer and managed to find pen and paper so I could scribble down the words that were coming to mind…see below – also available at

‘As this time of prayer came to a close, I was led to join a Pacific Coast online prayer meeting for an hour. Amazingly there were 4 of us from the UK in the meeting and another 5 from America, bridging that gap over the pond to pray for God’s plans and purposes to come to fruition.

‘There was also an opportunity to share the prophetic word I had just received, which thankfully resonated with all on the call. I thought that you, too, would appreciate some encouragement!’

God bless, Ben

A prophetic word journalled by Ben Kay on Saturday 9th January around midday. (As always, please feel free to weigh and test this prophetic word.)


The curtain is coming down on this charade, this pretence, that all is well in America when actually it stinks to high heaven: the corruption; the cover-ups; the injustice; the façade…and it’s all coming down.

And everything will be left bare for all to see…the shame, the embarrassment, the covert workings of those who have been plotting against Me behind the scenes…and yet the Lord declares that He has seen it all.

He has allowed time for those involved to repent, for the Lord is gracious and compassionate, and slow to anger…but then there comes a time when He has to act, to reveal the seditious acts of those that would deceive even the whole world, if that were possible.

“But I have raised up My faithful warriors, who will stand in the gap at this momentous time, as the curtain falls, as in the last act. But this curtain will not fall to cover up…this curtain will fall to reveal the corrupt workings of man (as in mankind).

“I am placing my troops on RED ALERT.  Be watchful and discerning. Do not believe everything you hear through the media. Listen to My Spirit. Have ears to hear…and watch, as I, the Lord Almighty, do wonders that you could only dream about in your wildest dreams.”


Note definitions:
  • ‘charade’: an absurd pretence intended to create a pleasant or respectable appearance.
  • ‘pretence’: an attempt to make something that is not the case appear true.
  • ‘facade’: a deceptive outward appearance.

3 thoughts on “The Curtain is Coming Down – Ben Kay

  1. Richard,
    Good the curtain is coming down from BEN KAY.
    I have had a word from the Lord, which I didn’t realise was one at first but it’s been repeated so often in my spirit I now can’t ignor it.
    The story of HAMAN erecting the gallows. They were not used on intended victims but on those who erected them.
    Praise the I AM

    Liked by 1 person

      • Richard you are focusing on Trump right now because the Lord has called you to it.
        My blogs have had same focus, not to mention prayers etc’. I cannot partake in normal stuff because the times are not NORMAL.
        Praise the I AM.

        Liked by 1 person

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