President Trump’s prophetical action in the White House against spirit of fear (F/P #129)

Whilst I was preparing publication of Veronika West’s dream in late August of Donald Trump in a wrestling match and winning but being left with a limp, she received and sent me this video from one of her Fb fans. Veronika says, “It’s amazing how God confirms His word”…And we love His sense of humour too!

So this morning’s news on my Telegraph app is appropriate not only in indicating how that prophetic dream is coming to pass, but also in showing how the President of the United States is making an authoritative prophetical action and decree as Head of State against the demonic spirit of fear on behalf of all Americans.:

Whilst it is wise to be cautious and concerned over the President’s progress and pray for his continuing recovery and protection, we do need to recognise that spiritual aspect of his astonishing actions.

I noted previously the God-incidental occurrence of that ‘sign’ over America and of What Does God and His Word Say About Masks? returning to the top of this blog’s Popular Posts.

Therefore, let’s re-examine the highly relevant section of Gilad Rosinger’s paper; ‘Does the Bible Speak to Mask-Wearing?‘. The emphasis leads from what he heard the Lord tell him, as below:

“The government has ZER0 authority over your body. But they do want you to give up this authority to them by submitting to a process of surrender. You see, you must willingly give them the authority because the authority is yours unless you relinquish it.

“This actually reminds me of a Word of The Lord that I received in April. I often hear The Holy Spirit speak to me clearly, but this was different – it was The Word of The Lord and it dropped on me like a weight from Heaven.

“This is what I heard Him say:


“I shared this several times over the past few months in writing and videos. But it continues to grow stronger in my spirit and more urgent as I hear the Words of a loving FATHER warning His children of the demonic agenda that is unfolding upon the Earth.

“Could it be that The Lord is warning us not to give up our rightful authority to a scheme of deception by the enemy to steal authority that does not belong to him?

“The remnant of believers are in agreement that all of the signs Yeshua gave in Matthew 24 about His soon return are unfolding in rapid speed and divine convergence. So what do we know about this time period?

“For one, it will be marked by GREAT DECEPTION….‘The coming of the lawless one will be in accordance with how Satan works…’ (2Thess 2:9-12)


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2 thoughts on “President Trump’s prophetical action in the White House against spirit of fear (F/P #129)

  1. Thank you Richard, it is about authority, both spiritual and in the natural (in a lawful way), What really speaks to me is and in conjunction with Dr Sharon’s warning about the enemy attempting to stop the Apostolic Kingdom Government (Ekklesia) being formed, and which is knowing and taking full responsibility and authority (under God) in the earth that He has given to man but was lost by the first Adam. Jesus preached the gospel of the KINGDOM of Heaven is here and gave us the keys what we allow will be allowed what we don’t wont be (obviously in line with what is righteous in God’s sight.

    (Richard I know I have told you about Father speaking on holiday but will post here) We were in Norfolk and my husband had the news on one afternoon when the boats crossing the channel with the immigrants risking all to get to the UK. Father said as bad as you think the UK is to these people it is heaven, if my people realised and demonstrated the reality of the Kingdom of Heaven on the earth this is how they would be coming in.

    We are called, sons, kings, priests and Ambassadors this is Kingdom language, a Kingdom has land or its not a Kingdom, a Kingdom is not a democracy and it what the constitution of the Kingdom (New Testaments) says it is and the Word of God will do what it says it will, this where our arsenal and weapons are, and they are mighty for the pulling down what is not of the Kingdom. Opinions won’t crack it.

    Thank you for posting and keep giving us the ammunition we need, its appreciated

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