A prophetic dream of President Trump’s wrestling match: part 2 – Veronika West

Readers please read Part 1 before the following, both of which Veronika posted on Ignite Ireland Ministry last Friday, 2nd October. I enquired how her publishing ties in with the overnight Thursday-Friday news of the President and First Lady’s health, and Veronika replies:

“There were two parts to the dream. The dream I shared part 1 and kept back part 2 . I felt that part 2 was not yet to be released. Amazing however, I woke the morning of Trump’s announcement, which had come late the night before [Thurs 1st Oct], which I had not seen, and felt that part 2 was to be posted. When I read news of his Covid result I was immediately arrested with the timing and indeed the content. God’s timing is amazing. Part 2 I believe was held back for that moment.”

Therefore, Veronika’s Facebook reads as follows:

Second Part…Date Received….25th September 2020;

(To be shared in the day’s ahead)

His Kingdom Prophecy version:


In this part of the dream, when I saw President Trump fall to his knees in the midst of the fierce wrestling match.

I was shown in that moment, that there was a not only a fight, a wrestling for the blessing over a nation, but there was a fight and a wrestling for the President’s own life and his God-given Destiny.

I was shown in that moment that a battle of life and death was raging over the nation and the president.

Suddenly I was shown Job.  Then I was shown The Courts of Heaven and I saw Satan ask for permission to touch Trump’s life and his family.

I heard the voice of the accuser asking for the legal right to touch Trump’s life.  I saw high ranking demons standing with Satan and they were raising their hands, asking to be let loose upon the land.

As I saw the accuser and his cohorts standing in the courts, suddenly I was shown a set of Scales.  As I looked at The Scales, I saw two Golden Bowls either end, and the Golden Bowls of The Scales were moving.

I heard these words, “The nations are at a tipping point…”

Then I watched and listened as the enemy began to shout out accusation after accusation against the Church in America, and he shouted out that because of the division., the disunity, the lukewarmness and the complacency of The Church, he should be given permission to bring more destruction upon the land and against President Trump and his family.

As I stood listening in The Courtroom of Heaven to the accuser as he shouted out for permission to touch the President and the Land with death and destruction, I kept seeing the Golden Bowls of The Scales moving back and forth.

But then suddenly, I heard the sound of weeping and wailing and I saw a woman appear in the Courtroom.  As I looked at her, she had a beautiful Crown upon her head, but she was dressed in sackcloth, and I watched as she knelt down before The Judge of Heaven and she began to cry out in repentance.

She began to cry out for “Mercy, mercy, mercy….” and I listened as she began to petition The Court of Heaven on behalf of the President and the Land.  I heard her cry out for a blessing to be poured out upon the President and upon the Land.

As I watched and listened, and as her weeping went up before The Judge, and her desperate cries filled the Court, suddenly a beautiful fragrance filled the atmosphere and the high ranking demons began to shriek and scatter and the accuser began to step back from the place where he was standing.

Then suddenly my eyes were drawn back to The Scales and the two Golden Bowls, and I saw one of the Bowls begin to tip over and the accuser began to shout out with a loud voice, ”Judgement!  Judgement!”

Then I heard the woman in sackcloth cry out, “Justice, justice, justice!”  and as the sound of her cries for justice filled The Court, the voice of the accuser calling for judgement was drowned out.

Suddenly the dream shifted, and again I saw President Trump on his knees in the midst of a great battle, and then I saw the weeping woman run towards the President and she knelt down beside him.

In that moment I knew by revelation I was seeing The Ekklesia (the bride of Christ) kneeling beside him and together, I listened as they both cried out with a loud voice for Justice and Mercy.

Then I heard these Words, “We will not let you go unless you bless us and bless this nation!”

In that moment I heard these Words, ”He will be bent but not broken.  He will be bowed down, but not destroyed!”

As those words echoed in the realm of The Spirit, suddenly I saw President Trump and the Ekklesia arise together and then I heard these Words, “And he shall come face to face with God and his life will be spared!”

America…. Watch and pray!

For in the days ahead, there will be a moment when President Trump will find himself upon his knees.  He will need the intervention of a praying Bride who will take her place beside him, as he battles not only for the destiny of a nation that hangs in the balance, but he will battle for his own life.

But listen!  The accuser is standing before The Courts and he is looking to tip the Bowls of Judgement, because The Church has been asleep on her watch.

She has become weak through complacency and passivity.  She has become impotent and powerless through compromise and deception.

But listen!  If the true Ekklesia, the remnant, will arise in her true identity, and if she will put on The Sackcloth of Repentance and come humbly before The Courts on behalf of the Land and President Trump, and if she will cry out for Mercy over judgement, I believe The Scales will tip in favour of Divine Justice and Restoration.

I believe the voice of the accuser will be drowned out and the enemies of God will be scattered.

Listen and take heed.  President Trump is in the midst of a battle for his own life and destiny, and for the life and destiny of a nation.

There is a battle of life and death that is unfolding and The Ekklesia — The Church — must take her place on her knees in the days ahead.

Listen!  Watch and pray — for the enemy seeks permission to touch the life of Trump.  But if The Ekklesia stands in the gap, Victory, Triumph and Blessing will be your portion.

Therefore, The Remnant must arise and take her place in the midst of the battle that is raging….

I hear these Words again, “Fear not!  For he shall be bent but not broken, bowed down but not destroyed!”

Blessings to you all.
~ by Veronika West

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