6 Feb 2019 vision of “100s of dead bodies” in plague – Veronika West (F/P #162.7)

Further to my previous postings on prophecies relating to the ‘Chinese flu’ pandemic, as listed below, this by Veronika may possibly be the earliest, explicit prophecy.:

First, however, a little background:  In my occasional monitoring of events and politics in the USA I’d noted the intensifying demonic antagonism against the Pro-life anti-abortion group. In last quarter 2018 it had come a vicious climax over the Trump nominee Brett Kavanaugh for the US Supreme Court. With the encouragement of Hillary Clinton, women in the Democratic Party were making strong demands and demonstrations for women’s ‘rights’ to kill their unborn children – this is nothing less that full-blown worship of the demon-god Molech; thus an utter abomination to the living Lord God.

Therefore, when I read the following word brought by Veronika West I considered the promised plague maybe the consequence of those women’s actions:

On 31st December China notified the Would Health Authority of an outbreak of virulent ‘corona-virus’ worse than influenza, now known as Covid-19. Four weeks later Veronika posted this reminder of her prophetic vision of 14 months ago:

The women shown in Veronika’s photo were attending President Trump’s 2019 State of the Union Address to Congress, Washington. The New York Times opens its report:

‘There was a striking island of white in the audience for President Trump’s State of the Union address, with House Democratic women — many of them dressed in the color in a nod to the American suffragist movement — sitting together in the packed chamber, in a celebration of their historic numbers in Congress and also as a protest to Mr. Trump’s policies.

‘Midway through the president’s speech, they did something completely unexpected: They stood up and cheered for something Mr. Trump had said….‘ (report/video link).

Previous publication on this blog wasn’t considered appropriate for two reasons. I’m wary of doom-and-gloom prophecies and this seemed to relate to consequences in America itself of wanting extensive legislation for rampant abortion. Also, later timing coincided with Brexit postings.

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1 thought on “6 Feb 2019 vision of “100s of dead bodies” in plague – Veronika West (F/P #162.7)

  1. Hello Veronika,
    thank you very much and bless you for your good work.
    The demonic now hast stepped out in the open, but who has the eyes to see, the ears to hear ?
    Just this morning I came across a video, only three days old about this Corona virus and its making and how it is exploited by those who want to become like God an create a world and man in their corrupt image :https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dcx1BwHvVKw
    Over the last months I have found bits of evidence from various sources and here it seems all to fit together. I am not a medical lay person and get similar information from other collegues: the hospitals are largely empty, they keep a few for show time. The measures taken by government are inappropriate. This all seems to be orchestrated to put Satan in the pole position.

    May God bless you and protect you and your family,
    I hope I will be able one day to meet you.

    Best wishes and my prayers for you.



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