3 prophecies in last week September for the UK, nations and USA – GPS #38.2: Jeroma Davis, white horse for Prime Minister Johnson

Thank you again for the vision received by Jeroma Davis on 4th September and posted the next day on this blog as Get Suited Up Boris!  In view of last week’s unprecedented attacks against the Prime Minister of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland, that visionary word was republished yesterday morning by UK Prophetic Words as Chaos in United Kingdom – Prophetic Word as follows:

‘Last night in prayer I Saw in the Spirit Prime Minister Boris Johnson standing still in Parliament alone.

‘I then Saw a brood of Vipers circling around our Prime Minister.
They were Like a whirlwind, black pythons/red and white snakes..

‘I looked up at his shoulders and face and I Saw a HEAVENLY GLOW as the Glory of the Lord was upon him.

‘I heard the Father say,



‘I then Saw these two huge Angel’s armed with Swords of Steel slaying these serpents. I heard very loud squealing as they dropped dead.

‘As I looked at Prime Minister Boris, I saw him being Armoured up. He had on a BREASTPLATE which was pure Silver. Its brightness was almost blinding.
These Angels were helping him put on also a HELMET also made of Steel, together with the rest of body armour, including a Sword glistening of fine Silver!

‘I then heard the Father say,

‘Prime Minister BORIS JOHNSON mounted the Horse in Full Body Armour.

‘I Saw a huge crowd stretching as far as the eye could see, with PM Boris riding across the front encouraging the masses of the great intentions and purposes for Great Britain/Isles.

‘I truly sense in my Spirit that our PM has the In-built Power to lead the people out of BREXIT, despite the chaos taking place in Government.

‘The Angels slaying the vipers, those who betrayed their own party.

This is separating the sheep from the goats as Unity is tantamount in a United Force.

‘The strongholds that have been embedded from inception of time in the Governmental framework is being rooted and cast out as our God is turning the hands of time in restructuring/Restoring our Nation.

‘The intense Shakings will rear its ugly heads throughout this process but this battle is truly SPIRITUAL FOR OUR NATION AS OTHERS.

‘Holy Father You Appoint/Set Apart/Tear down according to Your Will.

‘Thank You ABBA
Your Mercy and Grace be upon the United Kingdom.’

Your daughter
Jeroma Davis 4/9/2019

Ref. 2 Corinthians 10:4
For the weapons of our warfare are not carnal
But mighty through God
To the pulling down of strongholds….

3 thoughts on “3 prophecies in last week September for the UK, nations and USA – GPS #38.2: Jeroma Davis, white horse for Prime Minister Johnson

  1. Appreciate your point Nick and, as with all prophetic material it needs weighing and testing with the Lord and checking for outcome. I was ‘nudged’ to include this one because of its notification’s timing close upon the second of those from Leisa, and which already referred to the white stallion!


    • You’re welcome and happened to be online busily prep talk for weekend. Haven’t seen and not sure when will get time to watch but seems to ring a bell with something he’s recently written on woes and blessings? I noted but haven’t weighed and seems to relate to what others are hearing. SO will check asap. – doh silly me, didn’t check link to see titles’ same!!


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