Fulfilled Prophecy #10 cont’d: Psalm 2, Brexit and re-election of PM

Further to yesterday’s warning of political “Wolves in sheep’s clothing”, Veronika West posted earlier today another ‘Psalm 2’ word from the Lord. It was quickly republished by His Kingdom Prophecy and circulated on Feedspot’s website.

Tonight’s news in the latest round of Tory party’s farcical elections to replace Theresa May may be seen as a fulfillment of this morning’s word through Veronika, as well as of my prophetical musing in May 2016 about exposure of corruption and conspiracy, which we’ve been monitoring as Fulfilled Prophecy #10: Is The Lord Exposing Rotten Politics?

In case you may be unaware of the 3rd round’s results, Boris Johnson has 143 votes, which is the sum total of votes for his three surviving opponents. The ‘EU Remainer’ Rory Stewart didn’t gain sufficient support and has been eliminated. He freely admits, “The one candidate who said no-deal was a really bad idea has now been removed from this race”.

Here’s the word Veronika brought, courtesy of HKP:


Thank you LORD for exposing those who are working directly against your agenda in this hour.

”I sit in My Heavens and I laugh at how they conspire together to overturn that which has been already been decreed and established in this nation even before the foundations of the earth,” says God.

“Watch!  For surely their scheming and conniving will not prosper, nor will it accomplish that for which it had set out to do, for he who dares to stand against My Will and My Way in this land shall be shamefully exposed and stripped bare for all eyes to see.

“This day I stand over My Word to perform it, for that which I have started in this nation will be brought to full completion,” says God.

Blessings to you all.
~ by Veronika West


6 thoughts on “Fulfilled Prophecy #10 cont’d: Psalm 2, Brexit and re-election of PM

  1. I am not convinced that we will not have one final act of betrayal from Johnson (assuming he takes power, which seems very likely). I say “final” because it would be the end of the Conservative Party.


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