Remembering and anticipating ‘Deliverance-Days’ 1944 & 2019 – Britain’s Destiny

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In his latest paper Dave Chapman briefly reviews pertinent parts of our history relating to spiritual conflict, as well as legal niceties, and looks forward to an upcoming ‘D-Day’ this year which we trust and pray will be Britain’s ‘Destiny-Day’, or day of deliverance.

I’m grateful for his permission to publish this document that draws attention not only to the spiritual but also to the legal rather than political truths of our Nation’s situation.

It is noteworthy that the day after David completed this paper the Lord told Leisa Ebere, “My Glory shall bring about National Deliverance” (as herein):


by Dave Chapman


It is the 75th Anniversary of the D-Day landings in Normandy on the 6th of this month.
Though the War itself is not to be celebrated, the beginning of its end indeed is!  ‘D’ is simply a militarily term used as a countdown to the day of action – hence ‘D’ minus 3, 2, 1, then ‘D’-Day itself. In the event it became our ‘Deliverance’ Day, as Britain with its allies, including America, invaded Normandy in a western alliance to drive back and defeat the forces of Hitler; while Russia under Stalin, invaded from the East, all on cue. This long, bloody War was entering its last phase. Thank God for the freedoms though that were won in those ensuing days.

Jonathan Dimbleby, on interview for Radio 4’s ‘Today’ programme on Friday 31st May, when asked about his father Richard Dimbleby, the first War Reporter for the BBC in 1936, ever speaking about his own role or experiences after the war, said:

“Not really.  Like so many he was so relieved victory had been achieved, that democracy and the rule of law had triumphed, he did not talk about the War……he thought you just got on with the future”.  (Emphases mine)



Poignant words indeed, and yet these are the two battle fronts we face – but from a different ‘foe’ now. This time it is from within! [Emphasis RB]

There are those in our own Parliament who would overturn the largest Democratic vote in our history to Leave the EU, and negate that result. Not only that but they withstand the Rule of Law passed by MP’s in our Parliament with a 498 to 114 majority to agree the Prime Minister write the Letter based on Article 50 of The Lisbon Treaty to inform the EU of our Leaving them. Below is some of what was set in motion by doing so:-

‘The EU law in question is Article 50(3) of the Treaty on European Union. It provides that:

‘The [EU] Treaties shall cease to apply to the State in question from the date of entry into force of the withdrawal agreement or, failing that, two years after the notification referred to in paragraph 2, unless the European Council, in agreement with the Member State concerned, unanimously decides to extend this period.

‘The effect of Article 50(3) is that, by default, EU law will operate so as to eject the UK from the EU on 29 March 2019: two years after the UK Government, under Article 50(2), notified the EU of the UK’s intention to withdraw. This, then, is the essential legal fact that shapes the options that are — and, crucially, are not — open to the UK Parliament.

‘The most important point to note is that there is nothing that the UK Parliament can do, by enacting legislation, that alters the legal effect of Article 50(3). Unless the two-year Brexit clock — which is counting down inexorably to exit day in March 2019 — is stopped, or the two-year period extended, the UK will leave the EU. It might do so with a transitional agreement in place, or with no such agreement in place. It might so (albeit this is unlikely) with a full withdrawal agreement in place, or with no such agreement in place. And it might do so with a good deal, a bad deal, or no deal. But the default position is that it will leave: it will cease to be a party to the EU Treaties, and it will no longer be a Member State. And no amount of domestic legislation can unilaterally alter that simple legal fact, precisely because it is a legal fact that derives from EU law that Parliament, as a domestic legislative institution, cannot itself change.‘ (Emphases mine)

Source – Public Law for Everyone: Can Parliament Block a No-deal Brexit?


Obviously the above commentary was written prior to the original Leaving date of 29th March 2019. This, as we know, is now the 31st October this year. Due to most of the present MP’s originally voting to Remain in the Referendum, they have placed obstacle after obstacle in the way of executing our Default position – that of Leaving with or without a deal – by asking our Prime Minister at the time, Mrs May, to return to the EU on two occasions to obtain these extensions.

How the likes of Dominic Grieve, Anna Soubry, Yvette Cooper, and Philip Hammond, current Chancellor of the Exchequer, who has now said he is prepared to vote against his own Government to effectively bring them down in the event of a ‘no deal’, can stand for Democracy or the Rule of Law is beyond me! Clearly, they represent neither, despite their sincere, we trust, and clever arguments and beliefs.

I believe we need to bring this kind of rebellion before the Lord, who is over ALL the Nations of this world, to make sure this does not happen. Should they be successful they would sow the seeds of anarchy into our Nation and trigger something worse in their eyes than Article 50! We had our own Civil War over 350 years ago, and we do not want another.

This time though, instead of being between the King or Parliament who rules, it would be between Parliament and the people. God save us from that. We do not want militant action between the people and Parliament to bring Parliament to boot, and come to realise they are there for Government “of the people, by the people, for the people” – democracies simplest and most straightforward definition, and the basis of the authority given to our Parliament by the people.


In that context the matters at stake are just as serious as those fought for in the last two World Wars. We should be just as determined to see this thing through, to see whatever or whoever needs to be changed in our Governmental system to make sure that these hard fought for and won freedoms are kept safe and honoured as the basis on which the UK shall be governed.

In the meantime, the EU have agreed twice to extend the Leaving date of Article 50; first to April 12th and now to 31st October – of which Nigel Farage says “Trick or Treaty”! He has said many times in his own speeches that the Terms of the Withdrawal Agreement drawn up between Mrs May and the EU, was in fact a new Treaty with the EU – of the kind only accepted after defeat in War!

The Withdrawal Agreement is/was certainly one without an exit door by our own choosing, but tied us into their Laws until the EU see/saw fit to release us!  I know, I read most of it (near 600 pages) myself, and it lays out largely our legal responsibilities towards the EU during this period, with NO mechanism under our own power to change them! It also involves our financial responsibilities towards the European Investment Bank should it fail!  We would have been reduced to a Colony of the EU, as I recall one of the EU negotiators said on that BBC programme, ‘On the Inside’, which followed Guy Verhofstadt for two years! [Fulfilled Prophecy #10 cont’d – Exposure of EU’s Evil refers]

Many good, even Christian people, would have us make no fuss over these apparently mere ‘political’ issues. However they go deep into the very heart of our freedoms that have been won over centuries of struggle, and not least having to be fought over to be retained last century. We give those freedoms away at our peril.

Even Ann Widdecombe, in her stirring speech at the last Rally of the Brexit Party held at Olympia two days before the recent European Elections concluded with, “This is not about a Party. It is about a Country and a Cause”. Have you ever heard a Party Politician speak like that before? These things are above Party politics.


We have referred to the Civil War in our Nation some 370 years ago now. That, as said was to determine who ruled the UK. The King, or Parliament by the King’s request.
Yet there was another matter at the heart of this War. Though Britain had ‘split’ with Rome – Papal, that is – over 100 years before, there had been various attempts to bring us back under Papal authority, due largely to paying deference to those Queens who were Catholic. It had swayed to and fro’ for decades and came to a head in 1641 when, after 11 years of a suspended Parliament, they decided this was no longer to be the case. The King, whose wife was a Catholic, had been the sole ruler for those years, and what had appealed to him no doubt was the suggestion that his wife believed he ruled “by Divine right”.

Now, we can say that is just a religious argument and they should sort it out!  But it was more than that! It involved whether Rome, with its Papal control over the Church, could have a say in who should be King/Queen here too! But the Reformation since the 1500’s, had brought back to life Biblical truth, and though the Church of England from its breakaway point from Rome had hardly changed the system, it did have those within it who stood for, and died for real Truths.

At the same time many ‘offshoots’ sprung up, among them Baptist and Congregational Churches. Indeed, at the time of the Civil War (1642 – 51) the Quakers were forming their Societies based on yielding to “the Light within”, a reference at the time to the work of the Holy Spirit.

So, the intertwined issue of the Civil War was about which kind of Authority should operate in the Land; which gave freedom to the preaching of righteousness by faith, and the work of grace brought by the Holy Spirit. The King with his Catholic influence, or Parliament by representation of the people who were increasingly responding to the freedoms the true Gospel of Christ brings, both to the individual and a Nation?

After the issue was finally settled through this War, Britain sent Puritan missionaries and Baptists etc to different continents for the spread of the Gospel. Other Christian and Church movements sprang up as we embraced Truth as never before. The Wesleys of course came near a century later, but all because there was a firm base in this land ready to embrace the real thing rather than to ‘snuff’ out any ‘independent’ ministries as stewards of the Gospel too.


Another century later, God was outpouring His Spirit in Wales in 1904 and 05. Multiple tens of thousands of people got right with God. Many coal-dust-covered faces had channels from the tears made upon them as hearts were met and changed under the power of God. The Jeffreys brothers, George and Stephen, were radically changed at that time.

A year later something similar was happening in Azusa Street, Los Angeles, and continued for several years. It spread to Norway and from there to Sunderland in 1907 where an Anglican Vicar embraced what God was doing. It was in the Vicarage there that a certain rough-and-ready Yorkshireman with a big heart, Smith Wigglesworth, was baptised in the Holy Spirit with fire. These three were to become leaders of the Pentecostal movement that sprang up some 15 years later, preaching with signs following, attested by God.


Meanwhile in Germany where God was beginning to move also. In 1909 there was a gathering of Evangelical Churches which agreed and declared they believed what was happening in their Church members was, in fact, “from beneath and not from above”! They refused this move of God, which itself took over 80 years to renounce and seek forgiveness.

Pergamon temple ('satan's seat') in Germany

Pergamon temple (‘satan’s seat’) in Germany

At the same time, Kaiser Wilhelm had the Pergamon Altar, referred to in Book of Revelation as “Satan’s Seat”, moved from that ancient city to Berlin.

These two things, the accepting of Satan’s seat and the refusal of the work of the Holy Spirit in Germany, paved the way for the outbreak of the First World War in 1914. Not only did Satan prevent Germany from receiving what God wanted to do there at that time, but he also sought to wipe out in the UK what God was doing here through War. Many young men from Wales were among those killed in that terrible 4 years.

But, George, Stephen, and near relative Edward (Jeffreys) had survived. They spearheaded the work of evangelism with healing and miracles in UK and Northern Ireland in the 1920’s and 30’s. Smith Wigglesworth also carried the flame, and so the modern Pentecostal movement was born, though most denominations regarded them as a cult. Defeating Germany then was not just a battle of men, it was a battle against the prince of darkness. To have lost it would likely have snuffed out what God was doing here between the World Wars!  It was a ‘just’ war, and holding our ground was essential for what God was doing.


Ishtar Gate, Berlin Museum

Not content with that result, after another horrific item was added into Germany – The Processional Way from Babylon, called the Ishtar Gate – and still while the Church at large in Germany did not receive the moves of the Spirit – the Second World War broke out in 1939. It was indeed a fight unto death, and mercifully Britain survived, beginning the end phase just 75 years ago now.

In the 1950’s Billy Graham held his famous Crusades that deeply affected London and other major cities. This paved the way for the move of the Holy Spirit that Wigglesworth prophesied about in 1947, as the Holy Spirit began to invade all denominations, baptising many in the Holy Spirit and granting speaking in tongues and other Gifts of the Spirit in the early 60’s. This was unstoppable, and many fresh and new Churches were birthed out of that move. This no doubt would not have happened had we been defeated by Germany and come under their rejection of the work of the Holy Spirit. Again, Britain was used to foster this work and to move, along with America, throughout the world as a result.


That we return to be a Sovereign Nation is of vital importance for what God is intending to do here and throughout the World. More than any other reason, this is why we have to leave the EU with a clean break. It is vital we re-establish the right basis of Sovereign Government, as well as who in this Country is to Govern us, since what is finally settled will determine whether any work of God the Holy Spirit is able to prosper, or dies quickly, based upon whether we have retained the long-established freedoms from those earlier centuries. It boils down to whether Truth, Justice and Righteousness form once again the foundation of Government in the Land, or whether we sell our birthright to an increasingly Godless but powerful Control Centre with the EU.

This is where as the Body of Christ in our Land we need to open our eyes and see not just who is holding us back – and with such determined endeavour at present – but also to what could happen once we are free from the shackles of the EU! A break-out for the Gospel here, in a Sovereign Nation again, along with an appreciation of the power of the Kingdom of God among us, could burst out then into other Nations in the world – and no doubt first, to Europe!

We have to see the spiritual powers that have held us too long now, broken off, and the Nation return to the Lord who is King and Redeemer. We can pray, stand for, and declare that “the rule of the wicked shall not remain over the Land allotted to the righteous”. Lord, bring forth your righteous judgement/decision for this Land and grant us the ability, and freedoms, to spread your Name across the earth, for Jesus’ sake.

That indeed will be our new ‘D-Day’!

Dave Chapman, 2nd June 2019

NB: details of the monuments and more at Stay or Leave? Significant Spiritual Signs.

9 thoughts on “Remembering and anticipating ‘Deliverance-Days’ 1944 & 2019 – Britain’s Destiny

  1. Deborah Orgill comments on Facebook:
    ‘Excellent article. The absence of the Holy Spirit leads to absolute evil.
    ‘An overlooked event almost unnoticed happened on 17th November 2017 in Sunderland. Paul Cain came to Rainton Meadows Arena and released Isaiah 63:9 and Luke 4:18, mention was made of Smith Wigglesworth and 1907. This deposit was the striking of the first match for a move of the Holy Spirit that is the antidote for the rising evil on the earth.’

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    • Much to meditate upon in this post. I think it unlikely that the CofE can be reformed and, in any event, I feel that old religion is too confining for the Spirit’s new wine. If we are to have real progress, we must start afresh.

      Liked by 1 person

      • That’s the gist of prophecies of the last year or so wherein the old will be markedly antagonist (maybe similar to Cessationism) to the fresh move of Holy Spirit empowering the remnant. Eg. I sometimes get comments from not-yet born again and led by Holy Spirit, and thus object to prophetic material.

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        • I also don’t see how true unity is possible within the existing structures. There is no way that traditional Catholicism can be one with Protestants and Orthodox, and liberal Catholicism, for all its pro-Protestant sentiment, can stray into heterodoxy at times.


    • Dave’s response: ‘Interestingly we have two married granddaughters living in Sunderland. About 18 mnths ago I asked one of the son-in-laws while we were only overnight one night if he knew where the place of the outpouring in 1907 was “where the fire fell”. He did, and he took me there that cold evening and I was able to spend some time there, while he visited a friend, thanking God for what He had done and asking for Him to do it again. I put my hand on the outer side wall and as I prayed felt the ‘current’ as it were of the power He unleashed there. Even the stones witness what He does.’


  2. We should bear in mind the English Democrat party which is seeking to bring a prosecution case against the Government – on the grounds that in law we have already left the EU and nothing can change that situation.

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