Leisa Ebere: Holy Spirit’s Trumpet Call re. shaking and changes in high places

In her email of yesterday morning Lesia writes, ‘In the light of Brexit and the winds of change currently underway in regards to the political landscape of the UK, the Lord has given me this Prophetic Word today:’


I heard the Lord say: “There is an outsider coming into leadership of the British Isles that shall bring a fresh perspective to old habits. I am fashioning My Will to abide in this nation and causing major changes to take place in high places”, says the Lord. “More of the same shall not be the UK’s portion,” says the Lord. “For revival winds are beginning to touch upon fertile fields and shall cause the heads of standing wheat to bow down, as new crops spring up to replace tainted fields eaten up by disease and demonic infestations, which have troubled this nation for far too long. My Glory shall bring about National Deliverance,” says the Lord.

Be not surprised as a shaking takes place in the next years ahead,” says God. “For I am bringing about change across many nations and positioning them to bring forth My Power, as establishers in the Faith stand their ground,” says the Lord.

“President Trump comes to the UK this month of June 2019,” says God, “but listen not to the man; but to the trumpet call of My Spirit, for I can use all manner of people and things to perform My Will, for I am God, creator of heaven and earth,” says the Lord of Hosts, “and My Will shall be established.”

Leisa Ebere, 3rd June 2019
Torchlighter International Ministry

For more delivered by Leisa Ebere tap/click here. The first prophetic word Leisa brought to my attention is God’s Mandate for the Prophetic Profiling of our Nation, followed by the UK Nationwide Circuit Prophecies; the first of which for 2018 promises the Lord will give His prophets “the ability to see clearly My numbers” – Fulfilled Prophecy #38 refers!

2 thoughts on “Leisa Ebere: Holy Spirit’s Trumpet Call re. shaking and changes in high places

  1. I am convinced these next few years will lead into the 70th Week of Daniel. No one can know the exact time – only the Father knows – but when we see work beginning on a Temple in Israel – and the altar itself has already been used – we will know that we are close.

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