“The eagle has landed on UK soil!”

Eagle-eyed by John Mark Long: courtesy http://www.propheticartists.com

I’m grateful to Jeroma Davis for permission to publish the following from the discussion page of Facebook group Prophetic Releasers for UK Revival. As with all prophecy, it is offered for your prayerful weighing:

Blessings in Jesus name!

Holy Spirit You Speak….

I am hearing audibly that, “THE EAGLE HAS LANDED ON UK SOIL!”

I believe this is a very Prophetic Act/Timing for the United Kingdom.

The Anointing President Trump is carrying both UK/USA Connected. He was born of UK heritage and un-beknown to him will one day be Raised up to Align both countries for God’s purposes with ISRAEL in these END-TIMES.

I am Seeing the Eagle (USA President Donald Trump) in the sky soaring higher than usual with Strength and Power with a higher dimension of Wisdom-Insight-Vision-Revelation to steer the UK in her hour of need (re: Brexit).

What I am Seeing in the Spirit is the EYES OF THE EAGLE! sharper than usual and carrying an Anointing that will impact the Governmental disarray.

The Claws of its feet scratching the soil in the UK. I believe this Act signifies the Alliance with the USA and the UK will be rooted in one of UNITY and many CHANGES will take place that will affect every area of Secular Society!

I See the Eagle sitting on the Lion (USA/UK), steering her in the direction she should go!

This is where Godly Wisdom comes into play as the United Kingdom’s strength has been weakened considerably by the enemy’s strongholds!

I feel and sense strongly in my Spirit that this will be the turning point in the Body of Christ to Align now with the UK government and pray for the freedom and Sovereignty of this Nation once more!

I keep hearing that as the darkness grows the Light of God shines brighter and brighter but is only seen by those who dwell in that secret place of intimacy!

I hear that among the inner turmoil the CHAINS of bondage will break loose suddenly and swiftly!

The actual act of President Donald Trump stepping onto UK soil is the act of turning the soil of changes!

The UK’S atmosphere will never be the same as the Lion prepares to take back what is rightfully hers in the sight of God!

Even Ministries from the USA are pouring into the UK as they hear the Call to assist-rebuild-birth the Body of Christ in preparation for her Role in the End-time Harvest and as a Defender of ISRAEL!

Thank You Father!
You are Glorious!/loving God!
You will never leave us not forsake us!

Your daughter
Jeroma Davis 3/6/2019

PS: For info, one PRUKR member asks, “For my understanding and clarity, how is it that the Body of Christ aligns with the UK government rather than both aligning with Holy Spirit? Just wondering. Thanks.” Jeroma replies, “The body of Christ needs to Rise up now and Corporately pray for the UK’s Government to be reformed accordingly to Gods ways by Positioning Godly Counsel into the framework for the way forward.” 

RB Footnotes:
  1. See Spiritual Well of Revival in President Trump’s Bloodline with link to corrected information on his family background.
  2. Jeroma’s reference to seeing in the eyes of the Eagle reminds me of when a sister saw an eagle over my head and delivered an in-depth prophetic word about me, as recounted in Why write/blog?
  3. Her description of the Lion, symbolic of Great Britain & Northern Ireland, is similar to how Wendy Alec saw it in July 2005 during the final part of an extensive Vision for Great Britain under the following sub-head (underline added):

    “And there will be a great joining of the Lion and the Eagle – and even as the voices in the streets and the byways – the murmuring, the complaining of any alliance between the United States and Britain – so I tell you that these voices neither discern the times nor the purposes of the Living God – For even as the Eagle came to the Lion’s aid in times gone by – so I tell you that in this coming season – once again this alliance between the Lion and the Eagle shall be forged and the forge shall not be broken,”says the Lord,“because it is destined by Heaven.

    “And a great wave of prayer shall rise up from the East Coast of America through the heartland to the West – and that wave of prayer and intercession shall wash across Britain as a fiercely burning flame – and shall cleanse and protect – but in the years ahead – so the prayers of the saints in Britain shall rise and like a wave they shall spread across America – and preserve and protect – and a great joining shall occur and this joining shall not be the joining of man,” says the Lord “but the joining of Almighty God

    “And this nation shall return to its Christian roots – It shall RETURN to its Christian roots – and the glory of the Lion of Judah shall once more return and rest upon the Lion.

    “IF my people repent of the sins of this nation and humble themselves and pray.”

    With gratitude to the unknown creator of this splendid picture.

7 thoughts on ““The eagle has landed on UK soil!”

  1. See also the wings of the eagle assisting the Woman to flee from the Dragon in Revelation 12. No one could have thought it meant the USA originally in its context, since the USA did not exist in those days – but among the Gentiles, the USA is the most likely to assist Israel when she is invaded by an Islamic coalition.

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  2. Richard do you recall commenting on this post from December of 2017?

    I had a dream this morning where I saw eagles flying from the sea over the English countryside and finally perching on Big Ben. What is interesting is that there seemed to be a lead eagle, if you will, looking back to see that the others were following and secondly I saw all this from the vantage point of the eagles. 

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