Call to intercessors to declare “CUT” over our nation!

I’m privileged that Paul Clift has shared the full details surrounding the following dream with me as they authenticate his account and its importance. The ‘Background’ provides a good example of prophetic protocol, and next post shows it confirms an earlier word:

A Prophetic Dream of the Spiritual Tug-of-War

We are in a very fierce spiritual war for this nation of the UK. The evidence is all around us. We need to earnestly pray at this time.

I saw a tug-of-war taking place. This is not a party game but a massive spiritual war between opposing sides. It is a David and Goliath situation. I was reminded from the book of Ecclesiastes that a three-stranded cord is not easily broken. There are many more strands in a rope.

The Holy Spirit said that,

“The rope will not break in the natural realm. The rope can only be broken supernaturally. If the intercessors, prayer warriors and people of God repent and rise up together then all it will take is ONE word: “CUT”. God will respond and take hold of His sword which is sharper than any two-edged sword. The rope will be cleanly cut. The effect will be the two teams pulling on the rope will be taken by surprise. Each team will fall to the ground some distance from each other. Each team will be in a heap wondering what has happened.

“Do you not know there is an enemy within? They smile and shake hands, but deep inside they are not for this nation, the United Kingdom. They are traitors!”

I was taken aback at the word ‘traitor’ but the Holy Spirit reminded me that Jesus called the religious leaders of the day white-washed sepulchres.

“Do not be deceived by what you can see, because I see deep into the very depths of each human heart. In these days I am shaking everything that can be shaken and exposing for all to see the inner motives of people’s hearts.

“The heaps of people on the ground represents disarray, not knowing what to do, a difficult season. However, there will be a realisation after a short time that the United Kingdom is no longer in a tug-of-war. There will be a recovery. The EU will begin to blame each other and there will be much infighting. They will not recover.

“I need to bring Europe to its knees because I long for all people everywhere to come to repentance but pride is the obstacle. At this time intercede for Europe but repent and declare “CUT” over this nation.” [Underlining RB]

Gordian Knot Legend

Eve, my wife, noticed something on the TV and told me that I might be interested in what was being said in an interview.

On the morning of Wednesday May 28th 2019 an interview took place on BBC with Jacob Rees-Mogg (JRM). The interviewer asked him about a comment Jeremy Hunt had made earlier in the day describing the current situation between the EU and the UK “as a Gordian knot”. JRM described the legend.:

“There was an ox cart tied up with a complicated knot. An oracle had declared that any man who could unravel its elaborate knots was destined to become ruler of all of Asia. Alexander the Great wanted to untie the knot but struggled to do so without success. He then reasoned that it would make no difference how the knot was loosed, so he drew his sword and sliced it in half with a single stroke.”

Paul Clift
Wednesday 22nd May 2019 5.25am

Paul and Eve Clift started Healing Rooms England & Wales 16 years ago and passed it on last year but continue as Directors of Halifax Healing Rooms. They are Divisional Directors of Healing Rooms, which looks after about 15 nations across Europe, mostly Eastern Europe, and are part of the Senior Leadership Team (SLT) at Kings Church, Halifax, which they’d started in their home.


The Prophetic Dream and the Gordian Knot were submitted in accordance with 1 Cor 14:29 to the SLT on Thursday 30th May 2019. At the next day’s SLT meeting both were considered and it was decided the Prophetic Dream and Gordian Knot should be read at the following Sunday’s morning meeting of Kings Church, when Paul was scheduled to conclude his teaching series on gifts of the Holy Spirit.

However, upon waking on Sunday Paul encountered a strong spiritual attack upon his health, which they realised was because of the dream. He needed help to get to church and was allowed to bring the prophetic dream at the beginning of the meeting – only then did the opposition start to lift.  A period of prayer and intercession based upon the prophetic word was held later.

In fact only the previous Sunday, 26th May 2019, the full time leader at King’s Church, Paul McMahon, had recognized the real need to pray urgently for this nation. Although this significant prophetic dream had come to Paul Clift days earlier whilst away, he felt constrained not to respond. He later realised this was appropriate for the subsequent submission of the dream to the church’s leadership.

11 thoughts on “Call to intercessors to declare “CUT” over our nation!

  1. I have been praying for the Lord to sever us from the EU, and I do believe many in Parliament. in the Civil Service, and the nation as a whole are traitors, so this dream certainly fits with my personal beliefs. Those who give away our liberties are, in fact, thieves – for they have no good title to other men’s liberties. Blair, in particular, ought to be held to account for the role he played in speeding up the transformation of the old EEC into the EU.

    We must break free; may the Lord ensure that the next Conservative leader is one who will cleanly remove us from the clutches of the EU, or else that the Brexit Party comes to power in this nation.

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  2. Hello, I was listening in to Nigel Farage’s radio show yesterday (Wednesday) evening and a young man phoned in to say that he had had a dream the previous night (I think) in which he saw Nigel Farage standing in the House of Commons, blowing the ram’s horn (by which I assume he meant the shofar). He said that he believed it was a prophetic dream and that God had chosen Mr Farage for this time.

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    • I’m not sure if anyone else has mentioned that on Friday 29th March in Parliament Square there was someone standing on what seemed like a soap box holding posters saying that God had raised up Boris Johnson and Nigel Farage for a time such as this and I think it also said they were God’s anointed. Did anyone else see this?

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  3. Richard, Yesterday morning I had a picture of Great Britain in the jaws of a huge sea monster (Leviathan) which was writhing and thrashing about in stormy seas. The Lord showed me that the beast was the EU and it was trying to swallow the UK but it would not succeed – GB would be spewed out.
    Today I was reading Oswald Chambers’ devotion about the power and fruitfulness of intercessory prayer (re John 14:13). I happened to note that I had highlighted the first couple of lines of tomorrow’s devotion, which read: “If you do not cut the moorings, God will have to break them by a storm and send you out.” I had a “Frinkle moment” Blessings, Neil

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  4. Jenny K out in Mexico responds with this email

    ‘Dear Richard, Continued thanks for your excellent blog. Very interested, in the light of your recent post about the Gordian Knot, to hear Nigel Farage on his radio programme (I think yesterday) refer to the current political impasse as a “Gordian Knot”!

    ‘Standing with you and many others for the Lord to intervene and cut this knot in His way and moment.

    ‘Your sister in Christ in Mexico.’


  5. I am so encouraged by the dreams and visions given by The Lord to His people. Like many we believed that Boris was The man for the times and that he has God’s backing for the job of removing us from the corrupt and evil EU. So many people have no idea just what the EU have planned for the future ie a United States of Europe and the start of the One World Government. The UK should never be involved in such demonic activity. Today Nigel Farage has said that come another election the Brexit Party will not stand against the Tories in safe seats. He’ll target seats where the MPs are against the People’s vote to leave especially those Labour seats in the North who voted overwhelmingly to Leave and whose MPs are continuing to fight against them. Our ex Tory MP will not get back in at the next election and indeed I doubt she’ll even stand. We must continue to hold onto Romans 8:31 If God is for us who can stand against us?

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  6. Tena Koe Richard,
    Being on other side of the world I had no idea people were talking about Gordian Knot months ago.
    But the Lord had clearly said “cut”. Johnson ancestors are linked to the country of the Gordian knot, Phrygia where in 333 BC Alexander sliced through the Gordian knot at Gordium. Coincidentally Alexander is Boris’s real name, that is the name the family call him.
    I have just realized this, what a revelation.!!!
    Is Boris Alexander the Great.? Will he emulate his deeds?
    Shalom, blow the shofar. God has just said this. Blow the trumpet in Zion.
    We have just had Jewish New Year when the trumpets are blown. Praise God.


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