Monday newsmix #2 – Deplorable, contemptible and winning

Carolyn GlickHere, NEO quotes at length Caroline Glick’s analysis of international political upheaval that’s shaking Europe and the UK in particular. It’s ten years since I began using her as an authoritative source of political insight and wisdom, gained first-hand by serving in Israel’s core negotiating team with Palestinians and then as asst. foreign policy advisor to PM Netanyahu in his first term, later she became deputy managing editor of The Jerusalem Post. Hence, White House watcher William Keonig’s accrediting her ‘ne plus ultra’.  In this coverage NEO closes with material relevant to his fellow Americans, but I too encourage all reader’s to consider her perspicacious article in full…

Caroline Glick has written an excellent article in Frontpage Magazine. She postulates that the two common thread running through the election cycles in the western world today is the contempt of the globalists for the people, and the reciprocal determination of the common people to retain their local characteristics. The triumph of Nigel Farage and […]

Continued at Deplorable, Contemptible, and Winning — nebraskaenergyobserver

5 thoughts on “Monday newsmix #2 – Deplorable, contemptible and winning

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  2. Hi Richard The article you quote by NEO needs I think a bit of amending; if I have understood it correctly the writer is referring to the USA as a (former) colony with largely English values and of English descent, whereas only 12.6% of the current USA population claims English descent (Worldatlas). Maybe I have misunderstood the writers. love Rosemary


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