Monday newsmix #1- Mr President, welcome to Great Britain

Credit: Victoria Jones/PA (Telegraph)

We welcome you, your great nation and people to Great Britain Mr President, and trust this will mark a much-awaited and necessary change for the better in ours – and may the blessing our heavenly Father brings through you and the United States of America remain and explode across both our lands and throughout the nations of the world.

Personally, I apologise for those puny-spirited leaders and people here who defame and insult you and our nations’ relationship – and our young men who died for our freedom –  and consequently defile their fellow citizens, for they know no better.

Also, it was a shame PM May and her civil servants were unwilling to follow your advice on negotiating with the EU, and which Caroline Glick so ably summarised a year ago in The Donald Trump’s Negotiating Academy.

I’m grateful to a certain electrical engineer poised on a power pylon out in your country’s far west for drawing my attention to Michael Walker’s fine apologia, Thirty reasons why we welcome you Mr President,

‘My goal in writing this piece is to bring to attention one or two or thirty of President Trump’s achievements in the thirty months since he won the election. I will focus on the lesser-known topics, not the booming economy the US has achieved since President Trump took office…


30: The President donates his salary to charity.

‘There seems to be a lack of knowledge about the President’s time in office; I hope this list has gone some way to start a sensible dialogue about his achievements.’

Read also (real Rt Hon) Sir John Redwood MP’s You Are Welcome, Mr President.

Lord, help both our nations to come to our senses and look to You alone…

From whence comes my help? My help comes from the Lord, Who made heaven and earth. (Psalm 121:1 NKJV)

5 thoughts on “Monday newsmix #1- Mr President, welcome to Great Britain

  1. Amen
    So upsetting hearing so many people slating Trump. On radio phone ins and today to me with ordinary folk in a hospital waiting room! 90% of British people seem to hate Trump….and with venom
    If only this list by Michael Walker….who? In Conservative Woman? was better publicised.
    Bless him Lord and please open blind eyes to the good this man does

    Liked by 2 people

      • Thanks Richard
        Someone said how thin skinned trump is yesterday
        I’ve been praying that while he’s with us he gets some healing with the love and acceptance he gets from the royals and others
        And amen to your prayers of blessing on him


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