7 years ago today: Welcome – (now) Thank you

On the 7th anniversary of the launch of this blog on 21st November 2011, let’s look at what the very first visitors found:


‘Hello, I’m Richard Barker.

‘Welcome to my musings about what’s going on in the world and I trust this blog may help you gain some insights. Indeed, what on earth is going to happen next?

‘You may find some of my ideas challenging, even outlandish! For instance, come on an imaginary trip in a ‘time machine’ and, later, receive unusual instructions on how to tell the time!

‘Some pertinent points from my past appear in my Bio Info, where you’ll learn about a seminal work that was to serve as a fascinating foundation for anyone’s appreciation of Bible prophecy

‘Reading The Invisible Hand in the mid-1980s opened me up to a new dimension to events in the Middle East indicative of things not being as they seem. I was amazed to learn they’re of major Biblical significance! Bemused, therefore, I began to watch…:

A Supernatural Rescue

‘A couple of years later, I was alarmed to be unexpectedly faced with my own immediate demise – but I was blessed that a real, invisible hand saved me. The Living God made me an offer I simply couldn’t refuse. I gladly accepted His free gift of everlasting life, ie. Jesus Christ’s death and resurrection was for my personal benefit. Incredible!

‘Later, the Living God graciously and gently dealt with me as I completely turned around (ie. repentance) and was cleansed of my involvement in yoga and the occult. This led to my being trained in and practising the full gospel prayer ministry, as well as secular person-centred counselling.

Inner Eyes Descaled

‘As I got to grips with my new life in Him, learned His ways and was introduced to the Best Instructions Before Leaving Earth, scales fell from my eyes! Scriptures about what’s happening to the world became particularly clear. For the last few years I’ve updated Christian friends upon possible connections between holy writ and current events [ie. 2008-11].

‘You, dear reader, may be unaware of the exceptional relevance of a great chunk of the Old and New Testaments to today’s events. Regrettably, many others are not only woefully uninformed but may also be quite biased against Christianity. Therefore, I ask you to adopt an open mind as you mull over the themes and ideas expressed in this blog.

‘As not many people know of this, let’s seek expert advice…’ (next post)

Also on that Monday 21st November 2011, I published False Theology & False History as an update to an email I’d circulated about a discussion on Replacement Theology.


A GREAT THANK YOU to ALL my regulars and visitors, past and present (especially those first couple of hundred visitors in the last week of Nov’ 2011), who’ve taken an interest in dropping by and deciding to follow in one way or another.

Now, as I revisit my more detailed biographical background I’m reminded of my deep pre-Christian interest during 1980’s in Elizabethan and Jacobean-‘Baconian’ codes and their use in literature. In particular, I recall the most intriguing ‘marker’ in the King James Bible to Shakespeare. I used to think the KJV translators took licence with Psalm 46 by making its 46th word ‘shake’ (in v3, Hebrew is ‘quake’) and the 46th from the end (excl ‘selah’) in verse 9 read ‘spear’

Now, however, knowing a great deal more about the Bible, I wonder if the Lord arranged it?

With that in mind, it’s amusing to return in a Godly way to scriptural codes by looking in-depth at the promised “ability to see clearly My Numbers”.

And even more, in Jonathan Hill pointing out a personal significance of the date seven years ago today – 21.11.2011 – and that of my encounter with the Lord:

“There are 8103 days between the beginning of your blog on 21st November 2011 and 14th September 1989 (an important personal date for you). Interestingly, 3 (divinity) x 2701 (creation, Genesis 1:1 and triangular number) = 8103.

“If this was the date you were ‘born again’ by reaching out to Jesus, then the Lord has marked the beginning of your blog with His miracle of divine new creation within you. (2 Corinthians 5:17 (NKJV) Therefore, if anyone is in Christ, he is a new creation; old things have passed away; behold, all things have become new.) Also 21:11 is the important scripture reference in John’s gospel regarding the 153 fish.”

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