The Cross Visible In England

Thank you Lord for this most encouraging dream, the timing of which is especially interesting in view of today’s teaching and personal insights at the Heaven is My Throne and Earth My Footstool conference.

My Dreams and Visions

I had a dream where I saw a huge cross that seemed to have been buried for a while unearthed. When it was unearthed and placed upright I could see the imprint it from whence it had been unearthed. When stood up you could see it for miles. In fact, I saw a ship out at see coming towards England and the cross was visible to those in the ship.

This means that England will be a beacon of Christianity as the cross in my dream was a beacon.

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2 thoughts on “The Cross Visible In England

    • Good afternoon Tony. I doubt it as I’m not taking notes because my attention is fully engaged, as well as other priorities upon return.
      Even so I expect Jonathan Hill may produce notes of his sessions based upon the accumulating revisions to his book.


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