The pressure cooker

Thank you ‘Nicholas’ for such an informative, succinct summary of the status of the House of Lords…yet we must ask why bishops remain unaware of the Lord’s mind on the EU!

All Along the Watchtower

It has come to my attention that Parliament has received a petition asking for a referendum on the question of abolishing the House of Lords. Parliament has agreed to debate this petition, which raises the possibility that such a referendum may one day happen.

Conservativism and sentimentality would ordinarily make such a proposition distasteful to a great number of Britons. The times have changed, however, and the anger of the nation, much like steam in a pressure cooker, is building, still to be dissipated.

The House of Lords is not what it once was. During the Blair years, a great number of hereditary peers, bastions of British conservatism and patriotism, were presented by the Commons with a choice: stay in the legislature, but give up your hereditary peerage; or keep your hereditary peerage, but leave the legislature. A large number chose the latter option, wishing their children to…

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1 thought on “The pressure cooker

  1. Either way, House of Lords = Druidism. Reformation (not reform) is due. What I find amazing and delightful when looking at the petition map on % mode is parts of Scotland turning indignant red alongside England and Wales. When the nations of the UK align together then indeed the Lion will shake off it’s oppression and roar. Come on Scotland! Land of Reformation we need you! The Priesthood of All Believers, a vital part of the 17th c. Reformation faced great opposition in England and never properly took hold (only amongst persecuted dissenters), but it’s vital seed was fully planted in Scotland. It’s THE recovered truth we need now. God has not forgotten the blood and prayers of the martyrs. Their cries for Reformation – it’s completion – will be answered.


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