Vision of heaven’s response to prayer to crush satan in Britain

This first of two visions received yesterday makes fascinating introduction to this one in which Nina and I were most blessed to receive last night:

Ruminating over Revd Dr Sharon Stone’s teaching on Saturday on being ‘Kingdom Enforcers’ through a proper understanding and application of the biblical meaning of peace, especially per Romans 16:20, led me to a most interesting, immediate response to prayer.

Last night’s prayer meeting in the chapel at our church centre was opened with a reminder that as we are ‘in Christ’ our heavenly Father has raised us up to sit with Him in heaven (learn about the benefits in Ephesians 6:4-10). So it was from that elevated perspective we gathered, meditated and prayed. When time came to pray for our locality and nation in view of the upcoming general election I was led to use Romans 16:17-20 as not only a prayer but also as a declaration over the British Isles along these lines:

“Heavenly Father would you urge and cause all our brethren and fellow citizens to watch out for those who cause divisions and put obstacles in our way that are contrary to the teaching we have learned and received from You. Enable us to keep away from and be protected from such people for they do not serve our Lord Jesus. By smooth flattery and they deceive the minds of naive people. Everyone has heard about our obedience to You but help us to be wise about what is good and innocent about what is evil.

“And as the God of Peace, would you now crush satan under our feet.”

Immediately, Nina was given a vision of three lightning bolts from heaven’s throne room. She had the sense of being in that sacred place far above and looking down on the distant earth and ‘seeing’ three dazzling, adjacent beams immediately and sequentially light up. In staying alight they had the appearance of a shard of light focused upon Great Britain down below.  Moreover, she understand the vision means our request is answered, “So be it!”

This is exceptionally encouraging and we praise and thank you Lord for this response and look forward to what You are going to do in and through our nation. Would you forgive us of our sins, cleanse us from all evil and sanctify us for Your service.

In this connection I wish to thank Dave Chapman for his kind permission to publish his paper on Romans 16:20, which you will find at Crush Satan Underfoot.

Interesting to note the literal Greek has, ‘the God of peace shall-be-crushing satan under the feet of-you in the swiftness of the grace of the anointed Lord Jesus’. So Lord we trust the rapidity of that crushing is similar to that of Your response to our prayer declaration.

4 thoughts on “Vision of heaven’s response to prayer to crush satan in Britain

  1. I sense and can see a battle raging in the heavenlies for the soul of Great Britain. Prayer and fasting along with repentance is critical for this upcoming election. I’ve seen both the angelic and demonic gathered church for battle. Those who call themselves by the name of the Lord need to be engaged in spiritual warfare for the heart and soul of Great Britain is at stake.

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  2. Richard, thanks for the encouragements of your message and Nina’s vision. Its interesting the same message of Satan being crushed under our feet has come both before Article 50 was triggered (the next day), and just before an Election to decide who, and by how much, will take us through the so called ‘Negotiations’.

    Bless you also for posting what I wrote at that time, and am so glad it was of use for you. Please, always know, that if I send you ‘stuff’ its only because I wonder if it will be either a blessing to you, or of interest for your blog. There is never an expectation by me for you to go to a wider audience, though if it fits of course that’s fine.

    Looking forward to meeting up sometime in the future.

    Meantime, may the Lord help you to know, and give you the wisdom, for the constant blogs you send out. Dave.

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