God’s GPS#3 – Prophetic promises of fresh revelation; part 1

Puzzle in sky - Idea go[GPS = Global Prophecy Signals] Here’s the first of two emails found sitting together in my in-tray (time-stamped within 1/4 hour of each other at about 3:30am) – from opposite sides of the world on a related theme. As noted below, this published by UK Prophetic Words relates to recent posts. (Click title for link):

I am Pouring Out Revelation

I am pouring out My spirit in the night watches. I am showing forth revelation in the dark hours. For this is a time of multiplication. I have much to speak to you and much I would have you know. There is so much information to give you that I have to input into your very spirit what I’m going to be doing this year.

There will be a transition from what you have been told is prophetic to what is prophetic. The old ways are going to melt away and you are going to see revelation come from the most unexpected places. You will see it spring forth out of dry ground and out of rocks and crevices. The lowly places shall be exalted and those who have sat in obscurity shall come forth with such wisdom, you will be astounded. Do not limit those you have not heard of, for I do not limit them. I am pouring out revelation to those who will hear. I am pouring out revelation to those who will stay awake for My word. I am pouring out revelation to My sons and daughters who have a hunger and a thirst above all other things.

Vida Caplin 14 Jan’17


This word accurately describes the blessing that inspired me whilst digging into Jesus’ role in Creation. Eg., after publishing the continuation without properly mulling over its draft I awoke in the night to realise my mistake in having given the impression that Jesus spoke in Greek, not  Aramaic, as is well-known!

In referring to the Greek text I argued ‘a clear allusion to the future and processes/action (‘yet’)’ implies ‘a deliberate, strong use by the Lord Jesus Himself of a distinction between time and space.’  Yet in the night, it occurred that could well be untrue as Aramaic may not convey the subtle nuances shown in Greek. Also, the authors could have taken it upon themselves to use those different terms for ‘world’.

So I asked, “What’s the answer?” to that conundrum.  I was quickly reminded Jesus’ early disciples lived under the Holy Spirit’s anointing – and there’s a verse of scripture where Jesus promises that He’d remind them of everything He’d taught them. Thank you Lord!

Hence, the Postscript with its extra, revelatory insight.

[Puzzle in Sky by Idea Go, courtesy Freedigitalphotos.net]

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