A linkage between Awakening in the UK and in the USA

Hitch-hiker and author of High Plains Drifter, Tim Shey, opens his comment on Prophetic words on Great Britain as sports-superpower, as follows:

‘I was reading the Psalms the other day and in Psalm 103: 31 it is written:“And that was counted unto him for righteousness unto all generations for evermore.”

‘I thought about Great Britain when I read that scripture. Look at all the saints that died preaching the Gospel in Britain and the ones who died translating the Bible into English. Look at what happened in England during the 1600s: the King James Bible, the English Civil War, the Glorious Revolution: these greatly influenced the formation of the United States and other nations. The Lord will never forget Great Britain. The most influential language on the planet is English.’

With that in mind, note how appropriate that is for what we were to hear later that Monday evening whilst watching the recently delivered dvds from Legacy 2016.  I wanted to check the full content of Lydia Marrow’s address that I’d blogged about the previous week.

Therefore, let’s consider what followed after the powerful prophecy delivered under Holy Spirit’s anointing on 2nd July. Lydia’s ‘topping and tailing’ of it gives some background to her great excitement!

After Nathan Morris speaks about the vision of Shake The Nations he hands the mike to Lydia to introduce herself and her role in STN and she says:

“I used to be shy – I used to hide behind the pews in my dad’s church and when Jesus set me free in the Brownsville Revival I got up and I was a different person. I lost my ‘normal’ – my ‘normal’ died in the carpet in Pensacola, Florida – so please don’t try to resurrect it!

“I know I’m supposed to do another thing but I feel like an explosion – would it be alright if I prophesied now, ok? I feel like I’m about to blow up y’all.”  [Reader, if you’ve not yet run seen this very brief video now’s the time to do so – Full transcript here.]

Immediately after declaring “The British are coming!” Lydia encourages everyone to stand, pray and praise for a minute…closing with, “I feel better for that – d’y’all feel better?”

“I refuse to be bored in church and this pastor’s daughter decided a long time ago: I refuse to be bored in church – if we’re not going to meet with God let’s go home!

“It’s just such an honour to be here. In case you’re wondering why I’m so passionate about God pouring His Spirit in the UK, history tells us that the United Kingdom and the United States do not have Awakening apart from one another! (emphasis added)

“You’ve got to break through! We need it too! In fact, it seems to me that lately our nations are all shook up…I felt so much better when I got here and everyone started resigning. Thank God we’re not the only crazy people!

“We’ve got to have a move of God…I don’t know if you know it but there’s no ‘Plan B’!  We don’t have a better idea – there’s no comfort zone to have anymore. We’ve got to have a move of God.

“You know, and I believe – and you’ve seen it in these services – there comes a moment in each service when you’ve got this option to do what your idea was, or to cooperate with the Holy Ghost…There’s a cooperation with the Holy Spirit that comes, and when we choose to say “Yes” to that – when you choose to lock into that – everything changes.”

Each time we watch her delivering this prophecy the Holy Spirit confirms its authenticity by sparking within us, as when He ‘struck’ during Trooping of the Colour.  If this sort of ‘event’ is new to you then please consider the introductory remarks of that link.

[Continuing writing 5 days later after long Bank Holiday Weekend…]

Long-time readers may have noticed an increase in my blogging about a spiritual linkage between the UK and USA, especially regarding words delivered under the Holy Spirit’s unction. These got tagged Bridge Over The Pond. So I’m now skimming through these to add a couple more items to the suggested reading list below.

I find the very first blog on this topic may itself be especially significant – it’s Get Ready… and refers to historic Paul Revere’s Ride.  [Even typing that brings up ‘goose bumps’!  And maybe it’s in conjunction with Kenny Peavy and band singing Holy, Holy Is The Lord Our God!!]

WOW – how can I share what’s coming in this timing? I’m reminded of Lydia prophesying, “The Redcoats are coming. The British are coming!” – reputedly Paul Revere’s alarm call to fellow colonialists in Massachusetts as he and two others rode from Boston on the night of 18th April 1775.

But today those words are are spiritual alarm call to the new Awakening!

And this ‘God-incidence’ brings a download of insights into a dream of almost 5 years ago when I saw and heard “The Kingdom is being set up”. That was the same day Bill Johnson prophesied that weekend in Sept 2011 may be regarded as a turning point in the UK (see Father Let Your Kingdom Come.)  A preparatory report of 2010 to that Revival Alliance Gathering referred to the relevance of that ‘ride’ but this is no longer available on the web.

I can but conclude, therefore, a great deal is happening in the heavenlies to bring about a massive shift within our historically linked nations. Ours has already begun…

For more see:

3 thoughts on “A linkage between Awakening in the UK and in the USA

  1. Something very prophetic happened earlier today.

    I have been staying with some friends here in northern California for over a month now. Susie asked me if I could prune the branches on this spruce tree next to the flag pole. The American flag would get tangled up in the branches and would eventually be torn to shreds. So I spent a few hours cutting away the branches of the spruce tree so that the flag could fly free in the breeze. I took down the old, tattered flag and Susie gave me a newer flag to put on the flag pole. The American flag looks free and unfettered now that I have pruned the spruce tree.

    I believe this means that very soon the Lord will make the United States freer and more unfettered after Donald Trump wins the election.


    The American Flag: A Christian Symbol

    Back in 1986-87, I was living in Ellensburg, Washington. I was attending a small Pentecostal church called Bethel Gospel Church. Some friends at the church invited me to a church conference in Seattle, so I went along.

    We were staying at some friends’ place in the Seattle area when there was a knock on the door. This older lady walked in and she talked with our friends for a little. Then she turned to me and said that the Lord told her to come and give something to me. I was pleasantly surprised to hear this. She gave me a piece of paper and she had written some things down for me to read.

    On the piece of paper was written Psalm 60: 4: “Thou hast given a banner to them that fear thee, that it may be displayed because of the truth. Selah.” She also wrote that there are thirteen stripes on the flag: seven red stripes and six white stripes. Thirteen stands for rebellion–in this case rebellion against Satanic oppression (King George III and British mis-management of the Colonies, breaking away from the world system of governance). Seven is God’s number; the color red is the Precious Blood of Jesus Christ. Six is man’s number; the color white stands for man’s sins washed white as snow by the Blood of the Lamb. The fifty stars represent Pentecost or the power of the Holy Ghost.

    I have always remembered that lady and what she wrote on that piece of paper. Whenever I see the American flag (I think it is the most beautiful flag on the planet–I also like the British flag and the Israeli flag), I don’t see another flag waving in the breeze, I see the Stars and Stripes of Jesus Christ.

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