David Hathaway: Brexit & EU – continual prayers needed

Further to David’s request for prayer regarding the EU-Referendum, he emails:

I do believe that when God called me to evangelise Europe over 50 years ago He gave me a strong and clear vision of Europe in prophecy – this was the reason for the magazine, ‘Prophetic Vision’, and subsequently the film, ‘The Rape of Europe’.

Now the breaking news will even more strongly evidence what God has revealed to me. The Express online, 29th June states – ‘EU Superstate to be unveiled, EU nations ‘to be morphed into one’, post Brexit!

This is exactly what we showed in our Prophetic Vision magazine as far back as 2008 and repeated in the run up to the Referendum in our Summer 2016 edition No 80. I was clear in my own perception that the main issues raised in the campaigning, immigration and the economy, were only a smoke screen to hide the real issues, such as total loss of sovereignty and the creation of a superstate. Next week (July 9-10), I am the main speaker at a Prophetic Conference in BELGIUM!!

I intend to speak out strongly on the future of both an independent Britain and Europe’s future in the light of Bible Prophecy. This sudden and shocking news does confirm the importance of our Referendum and is a strong wake-up call to the Church to respond – if only we would prayerfully consider exactly what God says in His Word!

Now, as Christians, we need strong leadership spiritually and also politically and must act decisively. I believe that just as we prayed earnestly for God’s will to be done, we must now believe that the outcome is part of God’s plan, both for us as Christians and the British nation as a whole. God is setting us free for a spiritual purpose and we must as Christians and Church unite until we become ‘The Head and not the Tail!!’ We desperately need to continue to pray for unity in a nation divided, but also that God will bring a spirit of repentance and forgiveness on both sides. I believe that prophetically this is God’s way forward for us as a nation, to take a lead in returning to Biblical standards as individual Christians, but more importantly, led by a Church which must return to God-commanded Biblical Standards, unchanged by man’s sinful nature. Let us thank God that He is about to free us from the secularism which came from the French Revolution and Napoleonic law in Europe. Now we must return to our Judeo/Christian heritage especially because one result of mass immigration has been to bring the false gods and heathen culture from the very nations where we sent missionaries to convert them to Christ! Thank God for those who converted there, who have returned to bring the Gospel back to Britain. But with them have come the ‘missionaries’ who seek to radicalise our youth with their false religions!

Just as the preaching of John and Charles Wesley saved us from the French Revolution, and our National Days of Prayer called by King George VI during the darkest days of the last war saved us from Hitler, I believe that once more we must rise up in prayer to resist the ‘enemy within our gates’! We shall not see a repeat of the ‘Welsh Revival’, never in history has God either with Israel or with us repeated His awakenings! Today we face a different enemy, not just the sins of ‘the world, the flesh and the Devil,’ but a two-fold attack from the same Devil with a different strategy: the total secularisation of society and the rise of an alternative religion. The fault lies not with the world, but with us – we have failed to preach the simplicity of the Gospel of Jesus Christ which by repentance and forgiveness, changes men and women, offering not just comfort, but hope and faith and power and blessing and relationship with God, through Jesus Christ!

Suddenly I am in demand – after Ukraine, several countries now want National Days of Prayer – more of Europe is desperate for the Gospel – even the Government in Israel now needs me! The demands on our finance are more than doubling – I saw this coming and we ask you to pray with us that ‘God will supply all our needs according to His own Riches in Glory.’

Thank you – the Bible says, ‘Pray without Ceasing’. We have won a battle but not yet won the war!!!

David G Hathaway

Notes (RB):

  • As strongly suspected and anticipated by Leavers, the EU introduced a raft of changes immediately after the Brexit result. One of these is the formation of an EU Army under direction of the High Representative for Foreign Affairs & Security, a post established under EU recommendation 666 (as emailed here).
  • Andrea Leadsom MP, one of the two female finalists to replace David Cameron as PM, is a committed Christian and Bible reader and who, thus, should know the sanctity of marriage – read interview here.
  • David’s comment about the Lord not bringing fresh awakening not only limits the sovereignty of God but also flies in the face of the historical facts.
  • Those wishing to keep abreast of news for prayer purposes should note Jonathan Ely continues to keep close tabs on developments on facebook’s Why Leave EU?

2 thoughts on “David Hathaway: Brexit & EU – continual prayers needed

  1. The “fault lies not with the world but with us”. I believe we need to heed these words of David’s. Time and again the Bible shows that it is repentance that opens the door to God’s blessings. We have seen a mighty move of God in the Brexit result, but I believe this is the beginning of a process, and we will only go forward if as a nation we repent.

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  2. I’ve read this again just now and have only just noticed your note (no. 3) about David’s idea of “no repeat of the Welsh Revival” – I agree. The Hebridean Revival seems to be a repeat we’ve already had. As you know, I’m hoping for another one… Our church’s new revival prayer group starts this Thursday.

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