Catholics speaking in tongues! The Spirit-filled movement of the 1960s

This informative post by RJ Dawson homed in on me upon its receipt because: 1) I too was raised Catholic and decided not to stay so in my teens. 2) Decades years later I was baptised in the Spirit at a meeting on healing convened by a group of Charismatic Catholics, Baptists and independents – it was so awesome and its effects lasted 50 days! 3) The date of that movement connects into details of a prophetic word for 2016 that I’ll be blogging about next…

Real Christianity

         In light of the fact that the Pope was recently in the news again and let everyone know what it means to be a real Christian, there is a powerful anniversary for Roman Catholics that he should have paid attention to that gives one a much better indication.

         The Catholic Charismatic movement is now 49 years old. It was in early 1967 when the Spirit-filled movement reached Catholics in a major way.

         The movement had started among denominational Christianity around 1960. All of the sudden, Christians of many Protestant denominations began getting baptized in the Holy Spirit with the evidence of speaking with other tongues, exactly as it happened in the Book of Acts.


         Many were skeptical of the movement but the movement continued unabated. If you want to read a good introductory book of that early time, I suggest They Speak…

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