Patsy Southway: Re-opening the Wells – The Meltdown

Upon reading the earlier of these words last week I recalled and sensed a deeper meaning of a dream from a couple of weeks beforehand. The dream featured a large tarn, or lake, at the top of an extensive grassy fell (as in Lake District) that started overflowing to run over my boots and gush down to and start flooding a level area not far below the crest. 

Thank you to Prophetic Releasers for UK Revival’s Suzanne Payne for alerting me to this from Patsy, and that recently at Revival Fires, Dudley, Chuck Pierce had said it’s time to declare “Spring up o’ wells!”. Also that last year there, David Herzog had a word about re-digging the wells.

For a map of locations of spiritual wells visit Michael Marcell’s website UK Wells. To read the originals of the following click on their titles:

RE-OPENING THE WELLS (posted: 2nd March 2016)

Patsy SouthwayLast year, whilst in Europe God spoke to me about WELLS. Everywhere I visited at that time, even an Italian restaurant, had a Well, in the Ladies toilets! These last few days he has been speaking to me again about the Wells and I’ve had such a battle to get this blogged up, I’ve decided to press on with it!

Genesis 26:18
‘Issac reopened the wells of his father Abraham, the ones the Philistines had filled after his fathers death and gave them the same names that they had before, when his father had named them.’

Abraham had dug wells to find water and to open a ‘source of blessing’ for the people. Everyone needs water. We need water, animals, lands, plants etc all need water. So in those days to (and in many countries today) a Well is of the utmost importance.
We read that after Abraham’s death the Philistines had filled the wells in, to stop the flow, stop the blessing of this source of life, to the people. But Issac reopened these wells and once again everyone and everything is refreshed!

This is what I was sensing in all this:
1. If we know that there was, a well, a flow, even a trickle, of something of the flow of heaven, of life in an area (place) a village, town, city wherever that the enemy has ‘filled in’ stopping the flow, I would encourage you to gather a few people and uncap the well – remove the stones that the enemy has used to fill it with.

2. In your personal life maybe that flow, that well within has somehow become a bit dry, maybe now just a trickle when it used to be a flow! But due to circumstances, difficult places on your journey your heart may have drifted away from God and you have drank from ‘other springs’.

Come back! Return to Him and drink from those living waters that give us that LIFE in
abundance! John 10:10

I saw many people beginning to meet around these wells. In homes, where families gather together and in other places where friends and family were authentic, honest, just plain real!! To be themselves and to grow in the knowledge of God, the things of the Kingdom.

Last week God also spoke to me about ‘The Meltdown’ that’s happening, globally, and I could see some ‘streams’ flowing into a larger river. I saw an even greater coming together to work together in the plans and purposes of God.

I also saw great gatherings of women, embracing other woman, teaching, releasing, imparting and so on, and I could see a HUGE cloud had been made by their PRAYERS & INTERCESSIONS hovering and brooding over NATIONS!

Lastly, I understand, I believe I understand, that the opening up of Old wells will not be releasing the same ‘old’ flow, but a FRESH flow that Father has been preparing our hearts for. I see the wells, as places of previous ‘Heaven touching Earth’ flow and places where people came to drink. I also see that many of these places have been saturated in prayer and are ripe for release once again.

So…….let’s drink, and rise up, even as the battle rages, we will continue to see the release of the Kingdom of Heaven upon the earth.

Let every knee bow! Glory to God!

THE MELTDOWN (posted 25 February 2016)

As I was praying and walking on Thursday I took a small video of the snow melting off the trees. I was walking in a National Park that was eerily quiet at the time and as I stood to record this moment God spoke to me. He said there is a great ‘Melt Down’ happening in the NATIONS at this time. (Initially I was thinking Europe) but he said the nations.
The snow and Ice is melting and everything is being exposed.  Some of the trees were simply ‘winter bare’ after the snow had melted. For many, God has had to prune, to cut back, during our last season in PREPARATION for what he wants to take us into this year.

Also, with all this melting, in the natural realm the rivers are FULL and OVERFLOWING so it is with the Supernatural realm – there is an OVERFLOW happening.  God is causing our lives to SPILL over into other areas and arenas.

For me personally he is causing connections in the BUSINESS arena too.  Although this is embryonic at the time of writing, I see the overflow particularly with the Prophetic giftings flowing with ‘an arrow touching the bullseye’ type accuracy into Business Forums.

I saw ruined buildings being restored and used for the Kingdom of God. I saw again the Prophetic Hubs and the ‘Fireplaces’ that God spoke to me about last year, where ‘families’ will gather together and love, learn, encourage, pray, prophesy and support one another.

As I continued to walk and pray through the woodland God also said that there is a ‘MELTDOWN’ of the enemies strongholds.   As we continue to PRAY & PROPHESY over the nations I could SEE that exposure after exposure of the enemies strategies and plans will surface.

I saw that our responsibility is to CHOOSE to BELIEVE – and to LEAN IN and walk the John 5:19 LIFESTYLE that Jesus walked in.  That’s a BIG call!
Personally to arrive here in Prague with NO AGENDA but just to walk in whatever was on His heart for these 10 days, is a NEW thing for me.
We often talk about ‘New Things’ one of my founding verses is from Isaiah 43:18/19 that God wants to do but our responsibility is to be FLEXIBLE and to remain ‘FLUID’ to the promptings of Holy Spirit.

In my previous blog (copy here) I spoke about the KEYS that God was showing me.  And I have been using these for myself and in the lives of others to UNLOCK the opening of the NEW!
I certainly have had my challenges since I’ve been here – the enemy does not want the Kingdom of Heaven to invade the Earth!  We know that!  But it’s too late it has been happening for years and will continue to happen until Jesus comes!

What needs unlocking in your life right now?
A location, finances, business, employment, promotion, creativity?   I encourage you to take the KEYS that HE is offering;  as this MELTDOWN continues and to UNLOCK and BELIEVE again the things that God has promised.
I firmly believe that this year 2016 will be such an ‘ALIGNMENT YEAR’ where we SEE the plans and strategies of heaven being released upon the earth with such an explosive power we will be in awe of His LOVE – His MERCY – and His GRACE.


2 thoughts on “Patsy Southway: Re-opening the Wells – The Meltdown

  1. I have heard “unblock the wells!” a number of times from the Lord over the years but recently especially in relation to the Celtic anointing that he poured on these British Isles around 1700 years ago. We are a small lay community in the Catholic church looking to express some Celtic elements of our spirituality. I work/minister in a prison and a few years ago on a lawn there God had spoken about some new grass shoots springing up which will become a whole lawn of new things in the land, but these shoots had in reality only grown poorly through lack of water. Then on 6/10/15 the grass there began to spring up tall and lush as an underground pipe had burst under the lawn and watered it and ran off down the hill as a stream down the road up to the prison. The Lord called me to go and look at this leak as contractors had dug a hole to expose the pipe so it could be mended. What I saw was a 1.5 metre deep hole which was now a pool of crystal clear water roiling slightly in the centre over the hole in the pipe. The water had washed away all the dirty water and continued to flow down the hill. I understood that this represents the Celtic anointing which had been poured out to evangelise these once pagan islands and which has been buried for centuries but is now being released for us again now that the land has returned to a new pagan darkness. This clear and fresh revelation and anointing will see many new communities spring up with a Celtic spirituality, with an understanding and wisdom coming from the north of England where this anointing has first been released as the Upper Springs and we as the Nether (lower) springs (Judges 1/14-15) and will spread quickly into Europe as a source of revival of the ancient and dying churches.
    Dom McD.

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