Confirmation of prophetic word: holy winds of change

After Howling Fresh Wind by Patsy Southway was auto-published on this blog today, I  tinkered around with news relating to climate change. Unbeknown to me Angela Jelf was beavering away with a comment on that post and which warrants publication as some may have missed it. Angela writes as follows, and I’ve taken the liberty to show the Lord’s word as a quotation:

Hi Richard,
After reading this, I just felt prompted to share a word that God gave to me on June 15th last year (strangely enough, when I went to find my old journal which I’d written this word down in, lo and behold, it was folded open on exactly the right page!)

“For some time the church in the UK has been battling against a head wind. We’ve had the wind against us. Despite our best efforts, particularly in the area of evangelism, progress has been slow. It’s as though we’ve had the wind and rain in our face, and been buffeted by the elements. There’s been a sense of three steps forward and two steps back. But there is a fresh wind blowing! A wind of change is on the way! It’s the wind of the Holy Spirit and its coming to our aid! It’s a tail wind which will propel us forward! Acceleration is suddenly coming. The Lord has heard our cry, He has seen our growing hunger for breakthrough. Suddenly those things that were difficult will suddenly be done with ease, because it’s not about your effort. Hope is carried on this wind. When you feel this wind you must hoist up your sails! Hoist up your sails and get ready for acceleration! Some of you have longed for things, for salvation for family members, for breakthrough in healings and miracles – let fresh hope arise today for it will surely come about.

“This wind comes upon my church to propel you out! You will go out into the community, to the highways and byways. You will no longer stay hidden behind four walls. This wind will send you OUT and propel you to new horizons.

“This wind also blows through the harvest – it is blowing on the lost and broken, the sinner with the hardest heart – this wind is stirring the harvest. It’s blowing now! I see dandelion clocks, the little seeds caught on the wind. The seed of the gospel will be caught on this wind and will travel far and wide! It will propel the lost and the prodigal into my house. They will not be able to resist this wind as it carries such power. For it’s the wind of my Spirit!”

Praise God – I truly believe the time is now!”

In response to my reply Angela added, “Thanks Richard – I haven’t blogged about it. Just shared it at our church…The wonderful thing is, we are beginning to see a shift. Prodigals are beginning to return, and last week five people responded to the gospel on a course at our church!”

Praise the Lord – more, much more Lord!


The Lord seems to be turning our attention back to this prophetic promise – even halting us in our tracks, turning us around so we don’t miss what He wants us to realise!!  That is, He gave a similar word not only to Patsy last May but also to others during the first half of this year about waves and winds, as well as a few years ago in  what I’d term a ‘tame tornado’.

See Library and Weighing waves, tsunami & tornado and a turning the tide, to which Tony Puccio reminded me of dreams about a Cleansing wind and Winds of change in 2012 and 2013 respectively. Also, I’m nudged to add and to check the date – it is worth re-reading the important Prophetic word on Hurricane Sandy brought by Revd Dr Sharon Stone THREE YEARS AGO TODAY!

Therefore, I need to urge you and me to ‘NB’ – nota bene; pay especial attention!

PS: note Maray’s thoughts below…

2 thoughts on “Confirmation of prophetic word: holy winds of change

  1. Arthur Burt was told to release the No Ebb Prophecy in the year 2014 just before he went to heaven at the age of 102. He preached it for over 60 years but The Lord told him he had already seen the breath of the beginning of His Mighty Wind of His Holy Spirit in 2012 in North Carolina in miracles and signs and wonders. People came and Jesus healed them in miraculous ways. They came to surrender their lives to Christ. Now this breath of HIS first visitations has filled His People with The Anointing for Holiness. They will go Forth to Do Exploits to Prosper The Kingdom of God on the earth.

    To Read the complete prophetic word Go to: and also read his book “There Shall Be No Ebb…” Arthur Butt heard this word first from a young man (still unnamed) over 60 years ago. God wrote it on his heart and he carried it in his breast pocket until one day in 2014 after 60 years of preaching this word in over 50 countries The Holy Spirit told him it is time to tell the people “I AM Performing My Word!”

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