Jesus wants us to ask Him the right questions

The Australian Prophetic Council published the following word on 9th September brought by prophetic teacher and revivalist Amanda Wells of Brisbane. It conveys a profound, provocative reminder and reasons to change our perspective – I’m reminded of a popular motto worn on a bracelet stating ‘WWJD’ – ‘What Would Jesus Do?

We Are Asking The Wrong Questions

Amanda WellsThis week I had an encounter where I was taken again into the room where the Trinity were talking and strategising.

As I walked in they called me over to a massive table where they were talking and included me in the conversation. Jesus spoke to me and said, “Sometimes the Church are not asking the right questions, We long to give the wisdom of insight when they ask the right questions”.

He went on to say, “Many in the Church assume We are angry, and We are judging the Nations, We are neither, we are not judging Australia, UK, Europe or USA. But when we aren’t asked what WE ARE DOING in the midst of the affairs of earth, assumptions can be made and they will miss Our heart for all that is happening in the world right now”.

Jesus said to me, “We desire Our Bride to ask us why certain issues are so highlighted in the earth today, and what is the strategy of Heaven to bring transformation and reformation, not to debate as to right and wrong, as this was never the intention. To change the world My Bride need to seek ways to bring the environment into a position where it is under the influence of the kingdom, and it all begins with asking a DIFFERENT question.

“We are dismayed that instead of asking, why same sex marriage is a highlighted issue, and the perspective of Heaven in this, which is to create the greatest awakening the nations have ever seen, at times the wrong answers have been given to unasked questions of US!

“There is a massive population shift at present and the church need to ask Us what We are doing, they are moved with compassion BUT there are unasked questions and the church, if they do not ask correctly, will miss the ability to adjust their Nation’s economy to Heaven’s alignment”.

Jesus said to me, “Australia, Britain, France and Germany this is your time, you have been moved with compassion, but don’t miss the keys We want to download to you, so as to align the Nations for the greatest revival, transformation and reformation ever seen. The Nations have been pregnant with promise for a long time and now the birthing has occurred, what will you do with those who come? What is Our intention in the mass movement of people?”

Jesus went on to explain to me how the right question can be a disruptive agent that will cut through into new levels of understanding and unveil deeper and richer thoughts that will create transformation in our Nation.

What is with the Questions?

Jesus asked 307 questions, but was only asked 183!

When someone was caught in sin, or needed healing, Jesus responded by asking a question! “Woman where are your accusers?” Let’s think about it, in reality she had no idea! When Jesus asked the question, “Who touched Me?” a woman responded quickly knowing many were touching Him, and her response drew an answer; the disciples however, did not understand the power of the right question!

The enemy knows the power of the RIGHT questions and this is why he is shutting all questions down in our nations and spheres of influence. He is intimidating people with fear from asking questions and this way he shuts down supernatural solutions!

The Power of a Wrong Question

When Jesus came into the Temple (sic; synagogue) and read from Isaiah 61, everyone present sat mesmerised. God had been silent for 400 years, 10 generations, they had only heard routine and the form of religion and suddenly the atmosphere changed, it became electric as He read the words that came from the heart of the Father, they became Spirit and life. For the first time they encountered God’s presence and sensed individual Divine Significance believing that God had called them and suddenly they recognised their value.

Then someone said, “Isn’t this Joseph’s son?”
A simple question was asked and none of them were mature enough to answer it!

The question brought them all back to earth, shifted the atmosphere and that city, Nazareth became known as the City of unbelief!

He Told Me The Answer on His Lips.

“Ask Me what I am doing as Same Sex Marriage is highlighted, as Refugees are pouring out of Nations and teeming into other nations, and in the economic instability”.

He said to me, “All of these happenings are the churches biggest opportunity to see the greatest Reformation, but if My bride gives their own answer and not ask Me the questions, then Nations will miss this great opportunity. A child asks questions, so My bride must come to Me with the impassioned questioning of youth”.

Before the encounter finished I heard the Lord say, “I’m preparing the earth, each and every nation for the greatest awakening the earth has ever seen, repositioning people, families, governments, financial institutions, courts and I’m releasing a new thing”.

Australia we are on the verge of revival and awakening in every sphere of influence. Acts 3:19-21 says Jesus isn’t going to return until the restoration of all things that were spoken by the prophets since the beginning of time.

The first prophetic word in Genesis 1:28. is about to be fulfilled, as we are enter a season of unprecedented restoration and reconciliation, and we’ll see the Joseph’s, Joshua’s and Daniels arise in our midst!

Are we asking the right questions, seeking the unusual answers and not presuming we know everything already!

We have the keys to truths that will set our nation free…… Let’s use them wisely!


  1. In my opinion, the above word plugs into how Jesus taught us to pray to Father: “Your kingdom; let it come. Your will; let it be done on earth…”.  And how are we to know His will? We should ask Him!  The Kingdom belongs to those of ‘child-like’ trusting character – those who freely ask all sorts of questions.
  2. I’m reminded my earthly dad often responded to me, “You’re always asking why? why? why?”  So it’s time to get back into that mode.
  3. See also the prophetic word Amanda brought for the UK, “The Nation Will Turn” at the close of Weighing Waves, Tsunami & Tornado and a Turning of the Tide.

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