Time for the Church to recover a vision of society transformed

Courtesy of James Mark Long, www.propheticartists.comAn exceptional address on transformation of society from Archbishop Sentamu, especially in emphasising, “We need to recover a prophetic imagination and Christian wisdom, and not get bogged down with what does not work. Rather we must concentrate on what works, and breathe new life into it.”.

God and Politics in the UK

John SentamuDespite my best efforts, I usually find it hard to get excited about the workings of the Church of England’s General Synod. Mostly there is a feeling of frustration with the focus on internal legislation, when the more important issues that the Church is facing (even more important than the long road to approving women bishops) don’t get much of a look in. This week’s Synod has felt very different. The overwhelming approval today of the Women Bishops package is a great relief as well as a sign of what can be achieved when members of Synod gets their act together and work towards solutions rather than staunchly fighting their own corners. Without the distraction of the Women Bishops vote, the first two days have produced some genuinely worthwhile discussion on the important topics of evangelism and Church schools. The subject of evangelism has provoked plenty of interest in the…

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