Blog’s 2nd Anniversary – A huge thankyou to every reader

On the 2nd anniversary of this blog I wish to thank you, dear reader, immensely for taking the time to read or just to pop in and visit from time to time. I’m grateful to each subscriber for receiving ‘new post’ notifications, even if only to note the title and skim its introduction and then bin.

Two years ago today I said ‘Welcome’ to the cyber-world and one year later was most surprised to find nearly 10,000 hits over that time – as well as a fascinating numerical aspect on 2012. Now, after another year the number of hits has quadrupled and total number of posts and pages approaches 450.  So thank you indeed one and all.

In particular I’d like to thank Tony for many interesting comments and Gillan for letting me re-blog some of his solid coverage of political issues on the home front.

I trust you won’t mind my blowing the trumpet on what has been achieved with a sample of helpful and encouraging comments from supporters.:

>  “Thank you so much Richard for all the updates. It is interesting that as far as I know there has been little reporting of…on the BBC. We don’t have a daily newspaper so are always grateful for any updates. We’re very interested in Moslem/Christian matters as our son now has a degree in Arabic/Islamic studies, and a real heart for Arabic people.”  (Rosemary P)

> “Thanks to you for all you make available to us through your writings and research.  We are very grateful to you for those things you bring to our attention”. (Sarah B)

> “Congratulations on your very impressive blog – wow. I wasn’t aware of it until you emailed and I have been very blessed to see that you have put together an excellent resource on the times and seasons.” (David Stark, Glasgow Prophetic Centre)

> In good debate elsewhere: “…I was drawn to your blog on the grounds that my wife read it via Richard Barker’s excellent thought provoking blog…” (Keith Lannon, blogger)

> “Thanks Richard. Your website is an excellent resource.” (Nick White, writer)

So, dear reader, do keep reading and be free to comment. If you disagree or think my remarks may be rather intemperate, please say so.

As ever, I wish to express my huge debt of gratitude to Nina for her patience on days spent on my researching and writing – thank you and bless you sweetheart.

>> The next two posts tell of the peculiar circumstances behind publishing this post! <<


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