Hassan Rouhani is no “moderate.” He was endorsed by the only Iranian leader ever to publicly call for Israel to be destroyed by nuclear weapons.

Joel RosenbergIn view of recently concluded elections in Iran am re-posting another of Joel Rosenberg’s well-informed pieces. Readers will want to read his follow-up which includes insights from one of his contacts, an Iranian Christian leader. This may be accessed at the foot of Joel’s post or via this link.  PLUS THIS from BBC Watch > ‘Over the past few days my Twitter timeline has been dominated by Iranian ex-pats tearing out their virtual hair at the portrayal of the new Iranian president-elect  by much of the Western media (including the BBC) as a “moderate” and a “reformer”.  This might be a good time to remember that not too long ago various talking heads were using the same terms to describe Bashar al Assad.’

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You’ve really got to hand it to Iranian Ayatollah Ali Khamenei.

The man is one of the most evil tyrants on the face of the earth. He is pursuing nuclear weapons to wipe Israel and the U.S. off the map. He wants to usher in the caliphate of the Twelfth Imam and bring about the apocalyptic End of Days. Yet he is desperately trying to prevent Israel — or any other country — from launching preemptive military strikes and neutralizing Iran’s nuclear weapons program. Thus, Khamenei is trying to use the rigged current presidential elections to recast Iran as suddenly moving in a more “moderate” direction, and thus persuading the West to ease up on economic sanctions and pressure Israel to back off.

And the Western media is totally buying it.

Consider the headlines this morning, all of which are declaring Hassan Rouhani (also spelled “Rowhani”) as the frontrunner and a “moderate” who could be the best answer…

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