Does extraterrestrial intelligence exist? Part 1

The answer may lie in the answer to a question raised in a recent musing – a question that got answered within the hour. I was dumbfounded!

Some will ask what’s this doing on a Christian blog?  My interest in the ‘cutting edge’ of Christian teaching and ministry keeps me open-minded on a number of things, yet they are always checked against the ‘plumb-line’ of holy scripture. So I invite fellow believers to bear with me for I’ve not jumped on a wacky bus to nowhere.


First, let’s clarify terminology. The Oxford Dictionary definition of ‘extraterrestrial’ gives:

  • adjective –  of or from outside the earth or its atmosphere: (eg. searches for extraterrestrial intelligence)
  • noun – a hypothetical or fictional being from outer space.

It has two definitions for ‘intelligence’ as nouns, of which one refers to information of military or political value, but the prime definition is:

  • a person or being with the ability to acquire and apply knowledge and skills: extraterrestrial intelligences

It’s noteworthy that this famous dictionary combines both words to use as an example in two completely separate definitions!

The question

Detail from Morning Stars_Blakes Book of JobIn Where were you when? I mused about what the Biblical characters Job and king David had learned and perceived through divine revelation about the formation of the heavens. I’d spotted that the ancient Aramaic had used an intriguing and revealing term to describe an inherent function of the heavens. So I penned my own thoughts on this, as below. Logically, they led into the sentence shown in bold, but of which I’d had no fore-thought whatsoever::

‘This revelation of the Lord to David clearly ascribes not only a poetic description (as in sound/voice/language – NB. not light) but also a knowledge, or rather, an operational  intelligence or ‘business’!  That is, a supra-natural function. Furthermore, this sets the rationale, or tenor, for all subsequent verses. These first verses clearly state a case for ‘intelligent design’ of the universe. But more than that – they imply a distinct intelligence implanted within that design’s tangible manifestation, do they not? Or maybe not so?’

After proof-reading the draft, I took literary licence and inserted, ‘IS THERE ANYONE OUT THERE? ANYONE WHO KNOWS THE ANSWER?’ as though calling out to the heavens for information.

A book

Quantum Glory - coverI’d run off a hardcopy of the draft for checking over lunch and then carried on where I’d left off reading in Quantum Glory. This book explores the intersection between the two realities of quantum mechanics and the glory of God. In his highly recommended book Phil Mason opens by briefly considering the hype over quantum physics and how it’s been hijacked by New Age metaphysics. This is because this post-Einstein science of investigating the dynamics of the energy of light and of sub-atomic particles has boggled the best brains! Mathematicians as well as scientists had to think ‘outside’ the box’ in order to comprehend how it could all work – the maths was solid and got confirmed experimentally, BUT it was all so weird. By ordinary, ‘classical’ scientific laws and principles it was just illogical!

Phil Mason explains some scientists presumed the concepts of Eastern mysticism were relevant to quantum dynamics, and New Agers were quite ready to presume that it was indeed so. His discussion quotes many scientists and he draws this conclusion:

The presence of trained quantum physicists who have not embraced any elements of quantum mysticism is itself a clear indicator that the real issue is a predetermined worldview.

His second chapter is an easy-to-read introduction to the world of quantum science. It takes me back to my schooldays of maths, physics and chemistry ‘A’ levels – and to the hippy hey-day of the late 1960s. In those days I was searching for any common thread between science, philosophy and religions and thus this conjunction of quantum theory and New Age beliefs and ideas seemed to hold a key.

An answer

Upon continuing from where I’d read to, Phil’s commentary astounded me because it matches the logical conclusion I’d drawn only an hour beforehand. On page 66 he refers to experiments that make electrons change their behaviour depending on how they will be detected (!!) and explains :

It is a unique property of the quantum world that sub-atomic particles have the capacity of being in two places at the same time. In our macroscopic world of classical physics the last thing we would expect is to see someone bilocate right before our eyes so that suddenly they can be in two places at the same time. Yet in the counter intuitive world of the quantum universe this is exactly what is going on all the time…(emphases added)

Now, here’s what smacked me right between the eyes:

The question is: How does the electron intuitively know it is being observed?  Does it have its own internal intelligence? How does it know when a detector is hidden behind the double-slot? How does it know  when the detector is not switched on so that it can pass through both slits without being observed?

Scientist have devised all sorts of interesting experiments to try and figure out what is going on, but it seems the mystery of the quantum world is still largely impenetrable to rational explanation.

Hmmm…baffling, but methinks science is catching up with scripture!

An instance of that in connection with divine healing is given in Part 2 along with a brief, high-level introduction to the theory of quantum mechanics based upon this book.

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