Archbishop of Canterbury’s approach to banking continues to win admirers

Courtesy of James Mark Long, www.propheticartists.comVery interesting news indeed Gillan, especially in the light of prophetic words for 2013 about working with God ‘to restructure governmental and legislative structures’. Also, your concluding paragraphs mirror that prophet’s emphasis upon seeing issues from God’s perspective.

God and Politics in the UK

Who would have believed not so long ago that we’d have politicians praising an Archbishop of Canterbury for his analysis of our economy and the failings of the banking sector in the UK?  It goes to show that since Justin Welby’s appointment, things have changed considerably.  Not only do we have an Archbishop with experience of banking and business, but one with more than David Cameron and George Osborne combined.  That alone demands respect.

It was fabulous to see the Bible Society putting on an event at Westminster on Monday debating how the banking industry needs to be reformed.  It is most welcome to see a Christian organisation hosting this and also that there were so many high-profile attendees.  Those on the panel included Robert Peston, the BBC’s business editor; Lord Myners, former finance services secretary in the Treasury under Labour and Dr Paul Mills, senior economist on the International Monetary…

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